Ugh, Humans! Am I Right?

Being human is the worst. I have a whole list of reasons why.

  1. We are not super, as in Super Human. We get sick and have weaknesses. Inconvenient weaknesses, that interrupt plans and make you totally worthless except for rolling around on the ground (or in bed) going “Whhhyyyyy?!”
  2. We are irrational beings. Our feelings rule us, even when we don’t want them to.
  3. Like sometimes, even though I find it incredibly inconvenient, I am struck down by anxiety. The kind that makes me physically ill. It’s the dumbest. Who has time for that? No one. Except we’re human, UGH HUMANS. THE WORST.
  4. We also have the nasty habit of making mistakes. Mistakes suck. They make things awkward, they often mean you need to apologize and saying “I’m sorry” is hard. Because we have egos. And feelings. And who wants to be like, “yeah I fucked that up.”
  5. Also guilt. Guilt is the worst. Also a human emotion that is debilitating.

Happy Monday. If you’d like to share why you think being human sucks, please join me in comments. Or if you’d like to prove me wrong, and list reasons why being human is the best… I guess that works too.


6 thoughts on “Ugh, Humans! Am I Right?”

  1. I’m coming here from cold/flu-y land to agree that sometimes being human does totally suck. And to share this, which I thought was pretty appropriate:

    Also, though, I do think it’s the best sometimes. We get to eat chocolate and hug babies and go to national parks and laugh and those things are all pretty great. <3

  2. 1. That we are limited to these physical bodies, and sometimes they ache and creak for no apparent reason.
    3. The fact that seasonal pollens can make our bodies freak out. What is even up with that?

  3. Being a human is AWESOME!

    1. Because LOVE

    Also, as human beings, we’re able to evolve more and more. (If we allow ourselves to) we can elevate our minds, look at life from different perspectives, grow grow grow.

    We get sick, no problem! Rest up, have your person make you soup, done. It never lasts forever.

    Guilt, been there, done that. Therapy! Meditation! Yoga! So many different solutions. We’re able to dig deep into ourselves and evolve.

    Egos, irrational behaviors, same. we as humans have the ability to grow out of that.

    We have the choice always whether to give into emotions or not.

    Taking out the garbage. You can either
    A) complain about having to take out garbage, focus on the smell, blame your partner for not taking it out or
    B) thank god that you have garbage to throw out. That you had food leftovers, or toilet paper. Take a look at the sky while dragging the trash and enjoy it’s beauty.

    Every day we have those scenarios where we can pick how to look at something.

    Being human is beautiful 🙂

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