Flashback Friday: Bo Belly

By popular demand, (ok, one very clever person asked) I am showcasing the pre Lauren Kamel per the discussion in this week’s podcast. Think of this as a giant Flashback Friday.

And for the record, I loved him even when he was a dorkasaurus rex. Big jeans and free tshirts to boot.



(I asked him if this was like… a borrowed coat or something and he said “No! I loved that coat! I thought I looked so cool! …. I didn’t realize I looked like a sofa!” hahahaha)



Just in case anyone is concerned I’m being mean, Kamel picked all of these photos out. When I told him that this was what I wanted to do for the post he raced to the internet to find me some goodies.

And for a little comparison:




You are just the cutest, Mr. Dupuis-Perez. Even in all your free shirt glory.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Bo Belly”

  1. One: These are amazing and hilarious, both for the sofa coat and Kamel looking so young!
    Two: Thanks for the reminder of baby Gabe in a bow tie. SO CUTE!

  2. Oh my god hahahaha it is BO BELLY TIME!

    I wish there was a way to copy and paste in one of my favorite Kamel pictures…

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