Fae @ 8 Months


(Fae @ 7 Months)

First things first: This month flew by. WHOOSH. Even last weekend I was telling people that Fae was just “7 and a half months old” and then suddenly I was like… oh shit, today is the 13th. And that was yesterday. How did this happen? Who is in charge around here, anyways? What did I do in the last month? I have no idea.




Second on my list of important notables, I have some bad news. Fae no longer has her floof. The floof has moved on. She has grown out of it. It is quite the bummer. She is also growing in her bald spot and leaving all babyland in the dust, apparently.



Look at that glorious hair halo. You will be missed, floof. You already are.






Another milestone for this month – Fae has finally started to babble! At her 6 month check up, it was one of those questions the doctor asked and has pause about. “Has she started to babble? Any consonant¬†sounds?” Nope. Just raspberries. Until about a week ago, and now we get clear buh-buh and even something that sounds like “habla” or “agua.”




Fae remains the chillest baby I have ever experienced. She is the coolest cucumber. Doesn’t really get pissed, as just now started to have a little bit of attachment stuff with me, but is still excellent in groups. She just crawls around our apartment, chewing on everything. She naps well, she eats well, she goes 3ish hours without eating easily, and only gets mildly fussy when she needs something. I have literally no complaints.


I am excited for the time when we can get our bedroom back. That is true. And I still haven’t figured out a successful plan on getting the kids to share a room. How would bedtime routines work? Gabe doesn’t have any concept of inside voice. Even when he is being quiet, he is being quiet at full volume. Maybe Fae wouldn’t notice, but the possible transitional period of adjustment makes me have the willies. Please let us move into a new house with an extra bedroom before too much longer. PLEASE.




But overall, the sleeping in our room thing is actually working out totally fine. She has about 1 wakeup per night now, usually between 1 and 430am. And just recently she has started to wake up at 6. Sometimes we can get her to go down until 7 or 8, but sometimes not. We are just rolling with it.


IMG_9328 (1)

There haven’t been a ton of changes this month. I mean it when I say the month went by like WOOOOSH. Fae is still pulling herself up all over the place, still crawling like a mad-woman. And now she is cruising around more and more. But, not many super milestones to cross off the list. I guess her overachieving of last month needed a break.


Happy 8 months to the chillest Queen of them all. May you always have this sweet disposition. Next month will you be walking? Only time will tell…

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