Episode 14: The Hunt

House hunting is the worst. Or, if you’re Kamel it is SO FUN and SO EASY. On this week’s episode we talk about our different approaches to this momentous event. Oh you know, it’s just the biggest purchase of our lives, in a market that shits on buyers. And in all of that I have to compromise with my partner. Insert gagging noise here. Oh marriage, how you challenge me.

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  1. I am Kamel in this story. We’re not even buying a house here and I still drag Ry to open houses (and have in every place we’ve lived/visited.) Million dollar homes in Malibu, studios in SF, condos in Chicago, ranch homes with ridiculous acres of land in Colorado, WE’VE SEEN THEM ALL!

  2. Team Lauren ALL THE WAY on this one. Buying a house was THE most stressful thing we’ve done as a couple. (In my opinion. Not sure what the other half of the couple would say.) And that was in a buyers’ market! We stupidly, stupidly decided to start the house hunt two months before our wedding… and then fortunately came to our senses and pressed “pause” until after the wedding.

    When we were looking, inventory was super low, and I was very strict about keeping us on our “house budget.” Which meant we looked at a lot of shit-holes. Byron was MUCH better at seeing the potential in places than I was. I’d walk in, smell wet dog or see a zillion weeds in the yard or see what looked to be 50-year-old corn meal spilling on the stove and be like NOPE NOPE NOT HAPPENING.

    The thought that eventually, someday, we will both have to SELL and BUY a house at the same time makes my head spin.

  3. First, I LOVE “rich people dress down.”

    Second, I think I would alternate a whole lot between being super stressed and super excited, because I tend to get more stressed about these things, but I’m also the one who really wants to buy a house. For better or worse, though, the NYC real estate market is a little crazy, and since we don’t have any hope of having enough for a down payment (the average is apparently $350k!), it’s definitely tempered my house fever a bit. For now. 🙂

    1. Yup! Our house was a little more than $350k and it is not huge…by any means. And needs a lot of work. We are on LI…but renting made no sense after a while!

      1. No, Olivia, it’s worse. The average *down payment* is $350k. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/real-estate/average-nyc-payment-350k-report-article-1.2151007

        (Though to be totally fair, there are definitely apartments that can be found for $350k or less in some areas, and it’s possible to get an apartment with just 20% down or maybe even less. Living in NYC isn’t an impossibility by a long shot, but between it being a little ridiculous and us not wanting to stay here forever, it’s just absolutely not worth it to even think about right now, for us.)

  4. My question for Kamel is, what would have to happen for you to say it’s hard?

    He’s saying that its stressful, and sad sometimes, and other things that equal hard for me so I’m just curious as to what he thought it would be like that would make it hard, or what events would take place to make it hard?? Or do you think that staying positive and not saying its hard makes it easier?? (My husband is in that camp, just smile and pretend its easy and it makes it easier)

    As a renter, I am constantly on the look out for houses, even if we have just signed a lease. I drive Bob crazy by making him drive by places and peer into windows no matter how many times we have moved in the past year BUT! I think thats different than buying. If we are looking for a more permanent place than I don’t want to know what rich people can afford that I cannot.

    1. I think what would’ve made it feel hard, is if we found ourselves in a place where we couldn’t get pre-approved. Or, if we would’ve gotten pre-approved for significantly less than we were hoping for. Having to hard limit our choices based on budget would’ve made this feel really hard.

      I’m also an overly positive person (when I’m not hungry) and I find even the most challenging things in life, entertaining. =) Even now, as we approach another weekend of open houses, potential offers, and pre-inspections, I’m super enthusiastic and positive of what could be!

  5. House buying WAS very stressful and exciting. The market in Ann Arbor, MI is a liiiiitle different then for those of you on the coasts (HOW we’re ever going to move back to the bay is beyond me… I’ve already told my parents we’re moving in with them in a few years…). We set a pretty strict budget (Josh is way better about that than I am- I was already ready to up the budget for an extra bathroom or bigger kitchen!).

    We totally had different ideas going into it too- I was all about looking and finding houses that had very little to do- if it were up to me we would have gotten completely new construction with everything we wanted done- even if it meant driving into town an extra 10 minutes. Josh wanted “character” and a ‘close to town’ location- which in my head mean “something that needs fixing but they don’t have to because of location”… I want to be very clear here we are city kids and know absolutely NO.THING. about owning a home. But Josh really wanted to learn- which terrified me….

    We have owned our home for exactly one year and it’s been awesome and completely worth it. We each got a little of what we wanted- everything was updated, but the house 70 years old with lots of character and SMALL projects (no new roof or plumbing or basement issues). Josh only accidently shut the power off once and only drilled a small hole into our basement. I consider this a TOTAL first year home-owner success.

    The search got frustrating and we had a to compromise on a few things- but ultimately it turned out for the best :).

    You guys will do great!!!! Have faith :).

  6. You two are way too cute and funny. I loved listening in on your chat and recaps. And the Mrs. Landingham riff bought you a special place in my heart. An extra special place 😀 Caught myself nearly answering “no, it wasn’t a truck!” But then, Charlie kept talking about the tow package so I can see why he thought it as a truck.

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