Episode 13: Secret Shames, Part 1

We are a day late on the podcast – again. I figure late twice out of twelve is pretty good!

This week I am divulging some of my secret shames. The stuff I do that no one else knows I do. We all have them…. right? Otherwise this podcast is going to get pretty awkward real quick.

This is also another opportunity to participate in the podcast! What are your secret shames? To contribute your confessions, I mean stories/confessions just call our voicemail box: 415 275 0551

You can call and be anonymous, or not, you can tell me a long story, or just a short 1 word explanation of what your secret shames are. Don’t be afraid! If there was ever a place to overshare without judgement – this would be the place. Let us cringe with you, laugh along with me and everyone else.

Call the voicemail box by Wednesday, March 30 at noon Pacific time to be included! 

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