Episode 12: Is That What You’re Wearing?

To be totally honest, I am usually super, super nervous to start a podcast. I have recording stage fright every single time. I really have to psyche myself up, and Kamel can attest that sometimes I will cancel a recording session because I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

But this time! This time I was so excited to sit down with the mic and Kamel and get down to chatty relationship business! This episode is all about what happens when your partner looks schleppy. When is it ok to address that? How do you go about it? I know that in my own relationship, I have spent a lot of energy coaxing Kamel out of his deep dark clothing hole of free tshirts and all black and oversized. It was a process and at times it was actually really stressful. But now he owns a suit! And actually enjoys how he looks and the variety of clothes in his closet. How do you navigate the, “Is that what you’re wearing?”

8 thoughts on “Episode 12: Is That What You’re Wearing?”

  1. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but omg you guys negotiate more during game playing than anyone I’veever met!

    1. Okay, now that I’ve finished… I think its okay to ask your partner to dress up sometimes. It shows that you haven’t completely given up the ghost on making an effort for each other.

      Alex used to ONLY wear old navy (because… why pay more than $5 for jeans?) and it drove me nuts. So, I bought him a pair of expensive jeans from Nordstrom one year, and now he can’t go back to the cheap stuff. It’s a good strategy! Although I’ve created a little bit of a monster who fights me for closet space…

  2. Hey, you ever want to talk made-to-measure suits, I’m your gal šŸ˜‰

    Common convo in our household:

    Byron: “What should I wear tonight?”
    Laura: “Whatever you want!”
    Byron: “…..”
    Laura: “A sweater and jeans would be nice.”

  3. We got suits made for my husband in Thailand… (Bangkok.) If you want to look into that. I have connections. It’s definitely less than bespoke suits in the USA… but you’d have to go to Thailand.

  4. For you, dearest Lauren, I’m making an exception to my no-listening-to-podcasts rule. (So that I can get work done, more than because I hate podcasts.)

    And FTR, PiC’s pretty casual but I’m totally the schlobby one in the relationship šŸ˜›

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