Episode 10: Cheating Revisited

After one of our earliest podcast episodes (Episode 3: Cheaters), I got a lot of emails and messages on twitter and facebook about people’s experiences with cheating. It definitely struck a chord with many of you. Cheating and lying and all forms of infidelity is morbidly fascinating, heart breaking, and creates that icky sick feeling in my stomach all at the same time.

Today we are so, so lucky to have a guest on that discusses her relatively recent experience with emotional cheating. Can a marriage survive infidelity? What is emotional cheating and how does it manifest? What are your own hard lines for your marriage? And the ultimate marriage question: What would you do if actually faced with those hard lines?

3 thoughts on “Episode 10: Cheating Revisited”

  1. Thank you so much for being interviewed Guest! Emotional cheating is crazy and I feel like it’s much more, under reported(?) than physical cheating. Like Lauren I think it’s much more harmful and hurtful than one night one time physical contact. Knowing that my husband had secrets with someone, was talking about me to someone, had inside jokes or laughed at someone the way he laughed at me, would be devastating.

    I just wanted to share with Guest that my husband and I were recently struggling with something, he was lying about something, which ended with me and our roommate separately talking to him. He has since started therapy for depression and a mood disorder and it has helped immensely. He sees someone weekly and is a different person. So, if you find it helpful, stick with therapy.

    Hope you two find a path that makes you happy!!

  2. Really interesting. Thanks or sharing this. I’ve sometimes wondered about how cheating is viewed differently in marriages vs. long-term serious relationships. I think in my mind, I have the idea that once my partner and I get married, we will treat our external, opposite sex friendships a little differently, but maybe that’s flawed.

    I also have this belief that when 2 people are married, they are more likely to fight to preserve that relationship, even in the midst of cheating, whereas cheating could just break a long-term non-married relationship. But having never been married or encountered cheating in these contexts, I don’t know. Anyway, thanks for getting these thoughts and ideas rolling.

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