Cancun Water Slide

Earlier in the week I was scrolling through Kamel’s youtube channel – where we host all of the videos that we share here – and I was looking back through some of the stuff we posted way back before we had kids. And I was shocked to the point of mild horror that a random video from our honeymoon has almost 3,000 views! For reference most of the videos we post for the blog get about 200-350 views. So I thought I wold share it because it is so mind boggling.

Also, take me away to lazy honeymoon days and swimming in a pool in the most perfect weather. Please and thank you.

4 thoughts on “Cancun Water Slide”

  1. That looks so lovely, and like exactly what I would like to be doing right now instead of packing up our house to put it on the market. Ugh, how do we have so much stuff! And why do toddlers and babies not help? (Sorry, off topic.)

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