Best Birthdays, A Future Podcast That Needs YOU!

In order to get next week’s podcast up and running, I need help from YOU. Deadline is tomorrow at noon PST! 

Next week, in honor of Gabriel’s 3rd birthday, the podcast will be a collection of stories from you all! A collection of stories about your best birthday ever. It can be from when you are a little kid, or a grownup birthday.

Which birthday was your favorite? Why? Tell me the story! Tell me about presents and suprises and parties and amazingness.

To make this all happen, we have set up a voicemail box! We’ll be able to download each individual voicemail and edit them all together for 1 great show.

To participate, please call 415-275-0551

Each Voicemail can only last for about 3 minutes. If your story goes long, no worries, just call back and continue. We can fix issues in editing.

Without you, this episode doesn’t happen, so please participate! I think it’s going to be awesome.

To be included in next week’s show, all stories must be turned in by Tuesday, March 8, at noon pacific time. 

Yay!! Birthday bonanza! Ready, set, go!

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