January Date Night

Kamel and I are having a year of dates. One of his new year goals was to go on a date every month. I love this idea because I honestly don’t remember the last time Kamel legit planned a date for the two of us from start to finish all on his own. I mean, to be fair, I am excitable and have a tendency to take over on things I find fun…. but also Kamel like… seriously, to a fault, never plans dates. Not even this first one – which was my fault.

But is there ever really “fault” when one is actively doing something awesome for the relationship? No, I think not.


For this first date we went classic: dinner out to somewhere we could never ever take the kids, to eat food that is 100% grownup, and to have the ability to sit quietly and enjoy a glass of wine without keeping the baby from stabbing herself with a fork and not having to ask for the check when we ordered just in case meltdowns occurred. MY GOD THE FREEDOM.


I’ll have the cheese with a side of zoolander. Sorry, Kamel, I know I promised I wouldn’t post this anywhere.

We snagged a Lyft at 5:15 (Because we wanted to be home for bed time. I mean, we are lame parents after all. Let’s not get it twisted.) on a Sunday and headed to Re:Public. I know the manager and follow her on instagram and have been dying to scope out this adorable restaurant/bar. And by adorable I mean chic and adult and hip and somewhere that opens up it’s garage door front when it’s warm and you sit half in/half outside and you just NEVER want to leave on those amazing Seattle summer evenings that last for eternity.

The food was amazing. We had a cheese plate, because hello, and charcuterie. My friend hooked us up with champagne (as we are but sad, broken people who barely ever leave the house with real pants on), and we ordered a glass of wine. The entres were really excellent and the dessert was a tropical, coconut-y bread pudding that I wanted to swim in. I actually got to TALK to Kamel without being interrupted 5,000 times in the span of 1 full sentence, and it was fucking bliss.

A year of dates here we come! January handled.

3 thoughts on “January Date Night”

  1. This is nice…. I should start planning dates as well… my husband and I work together… well, in the same company… we usually have our meals together, but could be nice to go out on a date… 🙂 thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. If you guys ever want to do a “splurge-y” one — Staple & Fancy. OMGZ SO GOOD. They have a $50 chef’s menu and they just bring you out a zillion little delectable bites. We both agreed that it was worth the price.

  3. I mean… we do date dinner often as a couple (no kids here). BUT I think this would transition awesome to ‘do something DIFFERENT for a date each month too. Because we all need a little more adventure. (also, aren’t you two ADORABLE? Yes… you absolutely are.)

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