Fae @ 7 Months


(Fae @ 6 Months)

This weekend Fae turned 7 months old. I thought time moved fast with Gabe, but I had no idea how fast time would move with a second child.


This has been an insanely big month for Fae. And I didn’t even realize it until I was going through the photos for this post.


Did you know that Fae started solids this month? It wasn’t met with much excitement at first. Now things are better. She enjoys more savory items like green beans and spinach. More power to you, Fae.


(At the playground, parenting Gabriel, Fae judges.)



She also moved on from her infant car seat into a new convertible one. It was met with some resistance.


(“Good MORNING Fae! Good MORNING!”)



This was also the last month that Fae breastfed. So that was heart breaking for me, freeing for me, conflicting for me, me me me me. For Fae weaning went totally fine, no issues, no emotional attachments.


Fae also started crawling this month! I’m serious when I say it was a big month. The firsts just keep on a-rollin’.


(My personal feels on this photo is that it should be on the poster for SELLING BABIES because it is the greatest and I think it would sell a lot of babies. I should be in charge of the baby marketing campaign is what I’m saying.)


Did I mention the two teeth? She also got two teeth. And remains the chillest and kind of quietest baby on the planet. She has moments of neediness where she just wants to be held and we suspect tooth discomfort, but that’s as bad as it gets. It also helps that poor Fae lost her voice a couple weeks ago and it is slow to return. It makes nighttime fussy diaper changes almost pleasant when Fae is just whispering her disapproval.




I think everyone should love themselves as much as Fae loves themselves. We would all be so much happier.



And just this last week! Fae is pulling herself up to complete standing all on her own. I can’t even.



The standing is harder to get a photo of because first I have to put my eyes back inside my head. Standing before 7 months. I know my baby is not a superhero or anything but WHAT. I’ll repeat this for the millionth time – Gabe didn’t even crawl until he was 9 months old. Also, the caption for this photo is, “No!!! I don’t like Fae!!!” Siblings… not always sunshine and rainbows.


Happy 7 months sister girlfriend! You are my favorite chunky monkey, the sunshine to all of my days, a mover and a shaker, and the best little sister. Stop growing up so fast. I need to catch my breath.

9 thoughts on “Fae @ 7 Months”

  1. When Emerson smiles at herself in the mirror I always wish I liked looking at myself that much. She is just the sweetest most precious baby!!!

  2. I can’t believe she is 7 months. And you are definitely and officially in charge of baby marketing. We can’t can’t wait for baby number 2 to happen… hopefully another miracle will happen soon.

  3. Same same. She’s standing and taking steps while holding on to things, and is proper crawling super fast. Not like 9 months last time. And the TEETH. God it goes fast.

  4. It’s like they know that we want to savor the second baby milestones and instead they’re like “ha, ha! too bad! whoosh!”

    1. also – we are considering moving from bucket seat as well. (Didn’t with Z until 12mo) but I am SO OVER lugging that damn carrier everywhere (and accidentally whacking Z with it).

      1. Fae just got too chunky for hers. It’s annoying to wake her up when we get out of the car, but if I stick her in the lille she usually just goes right back to sleep. Other than that it’s kind of a freeing transition.

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