Episode 9: Fear

Gabe thinks that people with large noses are scary. Not just large noses, but like… hook noses. Like this: Scary Nose

Gabe is super super afraid of that guy and will specifically say, “Noo!! He has a big nose! He is TOO scary!”

Also the old grandpa vampire guy here:


I’m not one to argue. I have my own fears. Maybe more grown up, sure, but with just as much fear fervor.

This podcast is not exactly light hearted, but it is heartfelt! Do you have fears/anxieties? I know last week some people shared their most common, every day, nagging fears. Now, it’s my turn. Yikes.

8 thoughts on “Episode 9: Fear”

  1. omg I cannot even listen to this – climate change so much. since I’m currently pregnant, my fears around it are more ‘why am I bringing a kid into such a doomed world? will we ever get our sh*t together enough as a species?’

  2. Death, for sure. For the same reasons. The big unknown. It gives me can’t-breathe moments of anxiety. You know what’s odd? Those moments occur to me most often while watching movies. Like I’ve had several mini panic attacks in theaters. Because there can be some heavy moments in film that just bring up that fear of dying. It is so crazy.

    And I have a certain sense of… IDK… guilt? about it. Particularly as a Christian, because heaven, right? But…as great as heaven sounds, I don’t KNOW it. I can’t get my head around it.

    1. That is exactly where I’m at. I feel guilt and shame for being afraid of this because I’m supposed to be certain about after life. But I am NOT certain. And the concept of forever makes me want to throw up. FOREVER. FOR EVERRRR. What the fuck even is that?

  3. The mass shootings. Yes. I remember the day I read an article about “what to do in a mass shooting” and realizing holy shit, this is information I actually need to know. This is pertinent to my life.

    I’m still definitely afraid of failure. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing for me, though — I mean, yes it can cause anxiety, but it also pushes me to work harder.

  4. I’m terrified I passed my possibly genetic disease on to my baby. I’m afraid the guilt of that would completely consume me.

    1. Oh no!
      1) now I really want to know what genetic disease you have because i’m an ass hole.
      2) Think of it as you’ll be better prepared to help them with it because you know what’s up if they do have it. You will be an ally and an asset.

      1. Not an ass hole at all! Everyone has different fears, mine don’t make anyone else’s less valid.
        I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 6. They aren’t completely sure what causes it, a weird combination of genetics, environment and possibly a virus. I have no family history of it, I’m a complete outlier – so it’s possible that my chances of passing it on are less than normal. My husband wants to have the genetic test done on our daughter to check for the gene; I’m not so sure. Right now we live in a “possible” world, if it comes back positive we will live in a “when” world. She has to be at least 1 to have the test done so we have 6 more months before it’s even a possibility. AND now I’ve just unloaded all my emotional baggage on your blog!

        1. Do not feel self conscious! After I posted that I was terrified it was Huntingtons and I thought about deleting it because that would have been a major ass hole move of mine.

          We always want better for our kids and to never cause them any harm ever and feeling even slightly responsible for something that will impact their lives like type 1 – I get that. I don’t have a chronic illness, but I do have very genetic anxiety and I work very hard to at least not let environment be a factor… we just can’t control it all.

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