Episode 8: BRB

Remember those myspace surveys? They always had a question about your biggest fear. Mine used to be failure, but now I don’t even really think about failing because I have so many other fears pushing that one aside. Yay!

What is your biggest fear? Discuss in comments for next week’s episode!

9 thoughts on “Episode 8: BRB”

  1. Right now, selling our current house and finding a new one. Mostly, not being a good mother and scarring my children for life.

    1. What kind? Like a financial one? Like turning left vs turning right and it creates a car accident? Or like… I need a window into your irrational fear mind!!

      1. Hahaha. ANY situation, ANY time! 😉 Examples: at work, I’ll make a mistake that can’t be fixed and somehow horribly impacts the company. Financially, that I’ll make the “wrong” decision about which career move to make, where to put money, how much to save. etc. Socially, that I’ll accidentally offend a friend or family member and they’ll get angry at me and hate me forever.

  2. My child dying before me/my partner and my child dying at the same time in some horrible car crash. The no-warning-ness of such a scenario scares me to the bone.

    Oof, that’s a dark one though. But definitely my biggest.

    Other fear: not living up to my potential/always a bridesmaid, never a bride sort of thing. I’m terrified that I’ll look back on my life at some point and think not of the things I did accomplish, but of all the things I didn’t.

  3. Never meeting someone who will choose me as much I choose them every day (and getting married). Never moving out of this damn basement and reclaiming my independence. Waking up and everyone realizing I’m a fraud at what I do and that “fake it till you make it” philosophy failed me and I”ll be fired. Not leaving a footprint behind — as in, not impacting anyone in any way and passing through my life invisible. That sounds narcissistic. What I’m trying to say is that I can name several people who really influenced me and challenged me and I strongly desire to be that for someone else/other people…so I fear never accomplishing that..

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