Episode 7: Relationship Disputes

This is our 7th podcast! That was a milestone I had in my mind to reach and here we are! Hooray!

This episode is all about common issues that arise in marriage. Kamel and I attempt to discuss how we go about navigating the stuff many of you said you can’t agree on (via a facebook discussion) and how we came to being mostly ok with the majority of these relationship speed bumps.

This first series discusses:

  • How to handle one partner being a homebody while the other craving adventure! travel! and not being trapped on the couch.
  • How to approach varying parenting styles, especially if one partner is teaching your kid dangerous and/or very inconvenient things.
  • The struggle of different bed times, but wanting to go to bed with your partner.
  • And! We talk about how we carve out time and space for each other to have our own hobbies and activities not with the other person.

This is the first in a series of discussions about the small daily things (that sometimes become way way bigger) that make us all unique individuals and also make it sometimes harder to share your unique special snowflake life with another.

I would love for any and all readers and listeners to weigh in on these topics! Are they issues in your house? How do you address them? And if you have other common aggravations, what are they? Guaranteed we have felt them too.

3 thoughts on “Episode 7: Relationship Disputes”

  1. I am LAUGH LAUGH LAUGHING at the sleep convo because we have that EXACT CONVO. “I know science says I need 8 hours of sleep, but I don’t need that much sleep.” #TeamLauren ALL THE WAY on this one 😉

    We’ve given up going to bed at the same time most nights. When I have to wake up at 6am for work, I NEED to be in bed by 9:30 to function the next day.

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