A Year of Dates: February

Yesterday Kamel and I dropped the kids off at daycare and went up to the mountains to intertube in the snow!



Going to the snow is something Kamel has wanted to do for months! And he had never gone intertubing! He was worried he would need a helmet. I explained that tiny children do this activity. He was not totally convinced.


This was such an amazing date morning because it reminded me of our lives before we had kids, when we would do things we hadn’t done before. Things that maybe were a little scary. Like when we did rock climbing class! Or go explore a different part of the Bay Area. Being the people we were post kids is very much the best.


It was grey and wintery but it was beautiful.


And it was a little scary. Which was weird, because I don’t remember it being scary when I went before. I remember launching myself out onto the snow hill, intertube barely staying put underneath me, and zooming to an eventual stop. And loving it. This time as the intertube slipped over the edge of the snow bank, a little voice in my head cried out, “Nooo. Regret! I have regret!” Maybe this means I’m old. But having that possible near death experience with Kamel: awesome.


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