Things, January

I had big plans for last week and this weekend. Plans that included new photos and new stories and new adventures. But then we were hit with the yucks and the sicks. I sat by the toilet all day Wednesday in a bathrobe (after recording this week’s podcast of course) and suffered all night long, then was sick all Thursday. It was Kamel’s turn Friday night and then all day Saturday. On Sunday I completely lost my voice, but at least everyone in the house was able-bodied. And so far (please God, knock on ALL THE WOOD), the children haven’t started throwing up. The kids just have there never ending colds, the snot runneth over, the coughs I don’t even hear anymore. Is this part of the same virus or have they just started to layer? I sometimes ask myself. From December to April there is maybe, if we’re lucky, a 2 week period of time where everyone is healthy at once. But now that we have a 4th member of the germ-brigade, I think those 2 weeks are doubtful.

I don’t really know how this happened but this month, as we inch closer and closer to Gabe turning 3, Gabe has super turned a mood corner. He is so much fun! He is goofy and helpful and sweet and happy. He is also annoying and doesn’t listen and tunes me out like it is his LIFE’S WORK, but oh man he really is a joy. I keep looking at Kamel across the room and saying, “Three…. three’s going to be our year.” And then I scold myself a little bit for thinking anything at all lasts. Even the good stuff is a phase, Lauren… but it doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy the shit out of it.

I can’t keep my house clean or picked up. I literally just folded baby clothes last night and I looked during bath time and their clothing bin is already filled up! I feel like we always need to vacuum even though we just did yesterday. There is always stuff on the kitchen table, I’m lucky if I see the kitchen counters cleared once a week, and there is always at least 2 burners with a pot or pan on them. The bathrooms always need a scrub because I only ever have time to wash them in pieces. The sinks and the mirrors one week, the toilets the next, etc. There will never be a day where I will be able to keep more than 2 bathrooms clean. My hands are always full of baby in one form or another. Or I’m doing the other 5,000 things I need to be doing. Picking up toy cars, refilling wipes, setting out clothes for the kids for the next day or bedtime, oh and the working. The working that has me staring at all of the house things I don’t have time to do because I’m working from home. And the working is hands on, must be present, must be sitting at my computer 8 hours a day – WORKING. The other big part of this is that we need a bigger place. We don’t fit here anymore. There aren’t places to put everything and the places for the things that do have a home are too small. We are bursting at the seams. I hate it.

Kamel and I are going on a date this Friday. What! The last time we went on a date-date, like out to a dinner in a fancy way date, was… when I was pregnant… and we were testing out a new babysitter. I’m trying to remember the month…. but I can’t for the life of me. I remember where we went! And we were like “we should come here more!” and then we never went anywhere ever again. Until this Friday! I even made reservations somewhere! We have plans to go on a date once a month! So look for highlights in future posts.

This spring and summer is going to be exceptionally busy. We have a trip to visit family in Miami in April, Fae’s first birthday in July, her baptism in August, two weddings in the fall which mean wedding events in the summer. Lots and lots going on. My brain has already moved on to sunnier days and trying to brainstorm outfits for all of these things. Maybe I should finally buy a bra first and throw away all of the nursing tanks I have been exclusively wearing first…

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  1. You have just described my whole life: “And we were like “we should come here more!” and then we never went anywhere ever again.”- and we have no tiny humans, so no excuses other than I love a good rut.

  2. I was just watching my toddler (he’ll be 2.5 next month) playing and marveling at how well he plays by himself with some sort of story going on (usually Dinosaur Train related). He is becoming more of a delight, though I wish he would sleep through the night. (Hah, unintentional rhyming!)

    Also, your house sounds like mine. I was doing ok picking up the toys every night and keeping up with the dishes before Christmas, but now I am barely holding it together. My husband comes home in a week (he’s been at work since mid-November), and I am hopeful that things will get better then. Though, for the actual cleaning part we have a lady who comes in every other week. I don’t think I’d get anything done otherwise.

    As for a date night, I’m not actually sure when the last one was. But, my sister and her family are coming down for the Super Bowl and we WILL go see the Star Wars movie that weekend. I’m determined. Now, I just have to find the pump, so the baby has at least a bottle just in case.

  3. As a baby gift, my mom paid for people to come clean my house 2 or 3 times when Oli was a newborn and I think it ruined me. I didn’t even know my house could GET as clean as they got it, and now im just supposed to do it myself?? bleh.

    Also speaking of bras, I got a gift card for a fitting and a bra at this fancy schmancy bra place for Christmas. When I called they said I should wait until I was done nursing so it would be the right size. Now when I pump at home I just stare at the gift card longingly, wondering what it will feel like to wear a perfectly sized comfortable bra. One day ladies, one day.

    1. I told Kamel that for mother’s day I want someone to come and SUPER CLEAN the house, like baseboards and fridge and windows and all the things I see and think “I should get to that…” and then life swallows me whole.

      1. It is TOTALLY WORTH IT!! I still usually end up cleaning for a few hours before they come, (folding and putting away laundry, putting dishes in the dishwasher and then away, moving/hiding big stuff so they have best possible access to clean) so if he does do it I wouldnt do it ON mothers day, but aside from that it is totally totally worth it.

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