Fae @ 6 months


Fae @ 5 months

Yesterday, Fae turned 6 months old. This baby, you guys. THIS BABY. Six months has flown by in a very tired, mostly frazzled, laughing/smiling/breast feeding, raspberry kissing blur. This last weekend Fae and I were in Chicago with Claire visiting Maris and her new daughter, Sophia. It was awesome. The ultimate girls’ weekend. It was also insanely hard with long travel days and long nights without Kamel to split the hard stuff with. But the whole time – even the part where Fae cried for 40 minutes on descent into San Francisco and tried to squirm away from me to go…fuck if I know – I was really really impressed with how well she did.


She chilled while mom and aunties played dress up in the Anthropologie dressing room like we were back in high school. She had no problem sitting on coats and trying to eat the zippers. She smiled at every stranger and was a freaking champ at all of the travel, messed up schedules, and time spent in the carseat and stroller.



Fae at 6 months sits up like a champ, sleeps on her stomach, has pretty consistent 2 naps a day, puts anything and everything in her mouth, and thinks you are kind of the greatest. The way she looks at you it’s like you both are in on the same inside joke. She makes you feel like the coolest thing in the room.


That maybe sounds like I’m exaggerating because she is my daughter, but I promise you I am not. Ask anyone who has met her. She has the magic twinkle.



And she is so incredibly close to crawling. She scoots all over town and can spin herself around. I’m not 100% sure how she gets where she’s going but when I look away and look back she’ll be 4 feet from where I put her last.



She has even gotten up on her hands and knees and started rocking back and forth. By next month’s report we’ll have a crawler, I’m sure of it.


We have managed to go 6 months exclusively breast feeding and this week starts the introduction of formula and very soon starts the intro to solids!



Big things are on the horizon!


(Fae’s first flight!)

Ultimately the number one thing I’ve learned this month is that we are crazy lucky that you are here and part of our family, and that we get to hang out as much as we do. You have made my life crazy awesome in ways I could never imagined it would be. We are all obsessed with you, my Faebalina.


(Fae @ 6 months)

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  1. *melts into a drippy puddle* Lauren, I can’t stand it. I just can’t. Our kiddos are just unbearably adorable.

    And I’m so utterly impressed that you did that Chicago trip, seriously! I haven’t had the nerve to travel alone with LB yet. Ze is a lot easier now than ever before but also a lot harder now that ze is mobile and oh my goodness, I don’t think we’ll be traveling until I can put a leash on hir 🙂

    1. Lol a Leash!!! hahahaha oh my god, I’m already having to scramble to pick up crumbs that gabe drops so that madam scoots a lot doesn’t choke and die on toddler mess!

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