Episode 2: Expectation vs Reality

This week’s episode is just me, talking about 1 specific topic. This time it was inspired by a bad parenting judgement call. An instance where I thought, “Wow, this really did not go like I thought it would…” to my dismay and slight panic.

All of my best stories, whether I suffer for them or not, have come about because my expectations did not match reality.

This phenomenon is incredibly common, for better or for worse.

**Thank you to everyone who contributed personal stories for today’s episode, and everyone who responded to my questions via Facebook and twitter!

2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Expectation vs Reality”

  1. Finally got a chance to listen to both podcasts yesterday morning. So much love. Thanks for taking this next step into the world of technology, and not only that, but including us in even more ways than just coming here to comment. I loved it. Can’t wait to listen to more of them in the future 🙂

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