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If you are getting a kick out of the podcasting existence of BIRL, you have even more to listen to this morning! I was very lucky to be a guest on Otterly Rad, a parenting podcast. On this episode Hayley, Nathan and I discuss colors and how to navigate the gendered expectations of having boy or girl children… which just happens to be how it mostly works out.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere – Otterly Rad”

  1. Ugh – boys clothes. What is with all the skulls on everything?

    My son decided his favourite colour was blue when he was around three, and I started to hear him say that that’s a girl thing or that’s a boy thing from around 3.5 years. We’ve tried to nip that in the bud. He has a few items of pink clothing, some pink and purple containers for his lunchbox. He has some pink and purple cutlery etc.

    He has my old girl barbie doll and boy cabbage patch kid and we got him a toy stroller (also pink and purple, because there were no other options). He got a lot of funny looks pushing the stroller in public, but I’m like are you worried he’s going to grow up to be a good dad? It took us a while to find a doll with a penis but it is impossible to find clothes for a boy doll. If we want them I’m either going to have to buy them online, make them myself or buy clothes for premmie babies.

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