It’s List Inception at This Point

I feel like all of my posts are update posts because I have so much to say and my brain is a humble jumble and all I can do is think in lists. So here I am updating you on things again. Feel free to ask me questions in comments (if you have wonderings, that is) because I am a scattered, headachey, infrequently showered lump.

1.) Speaking of lumps. I feel like a giant bag of loose skin. Working out has paused as I have handled a very strange, two week long cold. A cold that had no clear path, but went from feeling like shit to sort of sore throaty, to snotty (but not too snotty), to MAYBE cough-y, to snotty again, to only snotty at night, to a little bit cough-y at night? It was two weeks of, “is this over yet, I’m pretty sure it’s over but … nope, not over.” And that has left me with the blob body from the black lagoon partnered with no drive to remedy it. (I’ll get to you body, I will… in time.)

2.) Speaking of TIME… Kamel is on his last week of leave, the kids are in school, we are home together alone. BOW CHIKKA BOW- more like he rearranged the whole bookshelf/blu-ray collection? While I sat on the couch in yesterdays sweatpants and nursing tank forgetting to pump and writing/editing away on my laptop? And then he went to Target where there was only one tree stand left and it missing a box and all the parts were willy nilly so he didn’t get it and just came home? All while old seasons of Greys Anatomy played in the background? These are not questions, these are facts… but do the question marks make us less lame? Don’t answer that.

3.) I need to write a post about Gabriel. REMEMBER HIM? My first born? You know… that one kid who is now a giant and drives me insane while simultaneously maiking me cry because awwwww Gabriel! He is the worst and the best and those two feelings happen within minutes of each other and sometimes it is very confusing whether I want to shake him until the shitty falls out or cradle him like a baby and let my tears of love and joy rain down upon his cherub face. So in case you’re wondering how toddler land is – toddler land with the added bonus of infant land – it’s basically making me insane. I’ll get into it soon.

4.) My hair is still falling out. My hair line is thin and receding. My baby hairs on my temples are prominent but at the same time so very sad and thin. I’m starting to resemble an inbred monarch. My hair is also fluffy and dumb. The worst worst worst symptom of making humans is upon me. I’ll be bitching about it for the next two years, I apologize in advance.

5.) Oh, also – I want to do a reader survey about beauty items and lotions and junk. Here is why: I always ask what you guys are using, what the best BB/CC cream is you have found, what is your favorite dry skin lotion for winter, yadda yadda, and you tell me and unless I buy it RIGHT THEN…. I forget. And I really would love to have something like that all in one place. Especially with the holidays upon us and future gift cards raining down upon us all (hopefully). I’ll publish any notable findings. So stay tuned.

Over and out.

6 thoughts on “It’s List Inception at This Point”

  1. There are tree stands – of all sizes – at the tree lot at 16th and Thomas supporting SASG!!! We got our tree there yesterday, and a super solid tree stand (ignore that it’s plastic, its epic!)

  2. #4 – OMG. You wrote about this last time and I have had other mothers tell me about the hair loss but O…M…G… my house is aflood with hair!! How can I keep losing hair but still have some on my head? I keep expecting to find a bald spot or something because that has to be the only answer. It’s crazy.

    #3 – I would love to hear more about how your relationship with Gabe has changed (or stayed the same?) since Fae? For the first time in my entire life I am doubting whether I want to have another kid. I just, I look at Oliver and I can’t imagine that I have enough love for another one? It’s hard to explain without sounding really harsh. I feel like I would instantly love one of them more than the other, I’m also afraid the special baby moments I have had with him will just be Ho Hum Whatever every day baby moments with another one. I have always wanted more than one, and Bob and I both come from huge families, so it’s really surprising to me that I feel this way.

  3. 1-I haven’t even gotten around to exercising yet, two months out, and have no idea when I will.
    2-That sounds like what would happen if we were in the same situation. And it sounds lovely.
    3-Toddler and infant dynamics are driving me crazy too. I feel the same way about my toddler.

  4. #3 – so spot on as far as toddler life. LOL at “I want to shake him until the shitty falls out.” YES. Then they fall asleep and you fall in love with their sweet faces all over again and can’t remember why the day was so stressful and then they wake up and turn into threenagers again.

    We’re adding a baby to the mix in February, so I love hearing about how Gabe and Fae are together and how you and Kamel handle everything!

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