Fae @ 5 months


(Fae at 4 months old)

This month has FLOWN by. That’s what the holidays do, they speed up winter so the shortest day of the year comes and goes while we are all surrounded by sparkly things and extra twinkle lights. But look at this girl a month ago! Now that romper doesn’t even fit anymore. The best things in life are so fleeting…


This month of growth has seen increased fluffiness in her hair, baby chub ongoing, increased giggles and smiles (if that is even possible), and some physical leaps!



Little miss Fae continues to completely surprise me with her abilities. She is now sleeping on her stomach 100% of the time and last week some time she flipped herself from her stomach to her back! She wasn’t a fan so much… but it was still worth an applause.


Winter days call for headwear. I apologize for the inconvenience.



This month was also taken up with Kamel being home on paternity and getting lots and lots of baby snuggles in.





This month Fae also started daycare! She takes bottles like a champ and takes naps in her crib! She is for reals now no longer a newborn and is a full on baby-baby.




Gabriel adores Fae. “My Fae! I gotta go get my Fae!” he says. When he hears her crying he as to run over and fix it. Most of the time he does because she is super super into him. She laughs at him more than another person, she smiles at him the minute he comes into view. It’s a sight to behold.




(Even if the struggle of the older sibling is real…)



Fae is also starting to sit! I don’t think Gabe was fully sitting even at 6 months… fat heads be heavy, man!



… but sometimes sitting is overrated.


Happy 5 months, Fae! You bring the party every where you go. My every day delight!

6 thoughts on “Fae @ 5 months”

  1. Your updates make me so excited about the months to come. Just hit 6 weeks and finally seeing some smiles/interaction and not just fussy awake periods. The sibling love is also so adorable!

  2. She is beautiful! I am so looking forward to less newborn and more the baby-baby stage. Maybe at that point I won’t feel like I have to constantly protect the baby from his brother. Though the baby is starting to smile at and watch his brother and it is so neat to see.

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