Episode 1: This Is Better In Real Life, The Podcast

I am taking this blog-show one step further and adding a weekly podcast! Welcome to I’m Better In Real Life.

In this first episode I’ll give an introduction and talk about what this whole podcast thing will be about.

Publishing every Wednesday, you can subscribe to The I’m Better In Real Life podcast at http://betterinrealife.com/feed/podcast. It will also be available on iTunes and elsewhere very, very soon.

Here we go!

24 thoughts on “Episode 1: This Is Better In Real Life, The Podcast”

  1. This is amazing. I love it. Lindi and I just started listening to podcasts this year and I am really excited to listen to yours every week! You have a great ‘radio voice.’ (And so does Kamel!)

    Also, I am also a chronic early packer. I think it’s an anxiety thing- like you said, you have it hanging over your head if you leave it to the last minute. If I don’t do it the day before, I’ll worry that we will be missing something or something will be in the dirty laundry and EVERYTHING WILL BE TERRIBLE.

    Also, before the SCOTUS decision, Lindi and I would joke about how we couldn’t get divorced even if we wanted to. We were married in Iowa, but it was still illegal in Arkansas, so in order to get divorced we would have to move to Iowa together… for a year. Which, we generally assumed would mean we would reconcile while being lonely and only having each other in a brand new place. Hah! It’s all good, though. We didn’t ever really want to get divorced anyway. 😛

    Also, ‘Fae is like a baby pug.’ Amazing.

    (Also, I couldn’t hear the fridge at all. 😉 )

    And the music is great!

    (This list of ‘Also’s has been brought to you by live blog commenting. Like live tweeting, but probably better because twitter is just not really a thing in my life. Hah.) <3

    1. Helen!! hahahaha I was laughing and laughing at this comment it is amazing. And I love love love that conversation about divorce. Ugh so inconvenient and then we would probably reconcile anyways. EXACTLY.

  2. I love love love love podcasts and am so excited for this one!!

    I’m impressed with the sound quality and overall professionalism of it for a first episode. You and kamel jumped right into the tough stuff huh?

    Right when Oliver was born a bad thing happened between me and Bob and had me contemplating divorce with a newborn. The logistics of finding a new place to live, living with one salary and navigating coparenting aren’t the only reasons we are working on it, but they are motivators for sure.

    Excited for more!

  3. Oh man! Where do I send funds for a quieter water cup?! This episode was awesome, I loved every minute, AND I get to hear another one next week! Hooray!!!! (PS – my OCD type-A side will always and completely heart Kamel and his spreadsheet of logic and proof…bbbuuutttt I am Team Lauren this week!)

  4. That music is my life right now. Though, out of context it took me a second to realize where I knew it from. A toddler and an infant leads to maybe too much iPad time for the toddler. I don’t contemplate divorce so much; it’s more about what if something happened to my husband while at work. (He does a not exactly safe job.)

    1. Haha! I could not get that music out of my HEAD. Toca Boca is the best. I hum it to myself all of the time. I’m currently awaiting permission on usage. So we shall see if they let me keep it with some shoutouts. 🙂

  5. I’m so excited about this! I’m only 8 minutes in but I just have to go ahead to comment and say YAY! SQUEE! So cool to hear your voice and I’m very excited about the plans for this podcast project – especially the relationship quandary section. (Also, probably just me, but very glad to know the correct pronunciation of Kamel’s name now…)

  6. You are even better in real life! (Voices make people real). And as an introduction, since you jumped into my classroom during a prep period and introduced yourself via podcast; Hi, my name is Amanda. I started reading your blogs for APW and then followed you to your blog when you moved on, and now follow and like things you post on Instagram. I have always loved your blog because you are about three years ahead of me in life. I am an almost 30something in the Bay Area, newly married and trying to figure out “WHAT IN HOLY HELL AM I DOING AND HOW DO I AFFORD IT HERE?!”. It’s very nice to meet you.

      1. I rent a small house in San Mateo. North side near Burlingame. I couldn’t do the apartment complex thing any more. But buying, yeah right!

  7. Yay! Kid #1 finally went back to daycare so I can start listening to podcasts again (daycare is a 40 minute round trip away, so it’s perfect for podcasts). I loved the first episode – it was so nice to put a voice to a face (rather than the other way around :)) And the relationship chat “test” – whoa, if that’s the content of the test, I can’t wait to hear what you guys are going to tackle in the ‘real’ chats!

    (PS, could you ask Kamel to speak up? I have trouble hearing him in the car, and while I’m pretty sure I’m going to be Team Lauren, I think it’s only fair that Kamel’s side is heard – literally)

    (PPS I have to confess that all these years I’ve been read “Kamel” as pronunced the same way as the desert anima – KA-mel, not “Ka-MAl”. My bad. Sorry Kamel.

    1. Yay!! And yes, his quietness made me crazy! we have addressed it and hopefully next week (About cheating) there will be no issues. Thank you for listening and thank you for the feedback!

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