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If you’re interested, please complete the survey below! I’ll collect the info and share it next week!

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12 thoughts on “Beauty Survey!”

  1. Hah this shows how different we are, the products I use the most are not in the list, I have oily skin so the most most important thing is translucent powder or a “base” that is actually a powder to avoid shine. But not any, basically I something like EsteeLauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup, stole it from my mom, now use it

    Also I always feel pale so what I can not live without, always wear is blush. I like peach or bronze tones.

    And then some kind of gloss or very natural lipstick.

    And maybe, maybe mascara,

    In my dreams I would know how to do the smokey eye and the cat eye but I tried once and looked like a panda or an emo, so… I just do not do that. Sometimes a bit of brown / neutral shimmery eye shadow and that is it

    1. This shows my makeup NOOBness. Because bronzer and blush definitely didn’t occur to me. Powder though – is probably my #2 most important product so for that one, I just plain forgot. Thank you so much for sharing your favorite items in comments though! Brilliant!

    2. YEP. Powder and blush for me are high on the list! (For blush: NARS Orgasm. LOVE.)

      Lauren – I ranked what you had – if I didn’t use it, it got ranked low! – but know these would have been pretty high up there! đŸ˜‰

      1. Seconding (thirding?) the importance of blush and specifically NARS Orgasm. That exact specific one. I thought all blushes were kind of the same until I got that one and I will never go back.

  2. I could talk about makeup for hoursssss… I feel like there are definitely some discrepancies in your survey tho. Like there’s an option for “I’m a newb and don’t do anything” but there should be one like “I wear a full face but don’t know what I’m doing.” Or the Elissa favorite, “I have a drawer full of makeup and when I do my face I do it well, but most days I don’t do anything #workingfromhome”.

  3. Other random thought – it’s always interesting to me what different people consider a “full face”. I mean, I consider my every day a full face, but my sister looks at me and asks where all my makeup is. For example – I don’t wear foundation (I think the last time I wore it willingly was for her wedding), but I don’t consider it part of my “full face”.

    For me, it’s primer (which feels more like skin care than makeup to me), powder, eyeshadow/liner/mascara, eyebrow pencil, blush, gloss/etc.

    Beauty talks are so interesting!

  4. hey chickie- I am SO not a make-up wearer. My career as an in-patient nurse has only made that worse. Why would I wear a full face when I’m giving an enema?? I mean I guess why WOULDN’T I but I digress… Now that’ll I’ll be an NP (SHIT… no pun intended- BUT NOW IT IS) next year, I need to be professional and look professional. I’ve been slowly trying to get myself used to putting SOMETHING on every day. I need something minimal that covers up my SUPER CUTE acne scars but doesn’t require me to have an ACTUAL make-up applying skills. Also- I hate waking up in the morning so the routine has to be fast. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laura Merceir products they’ve always worked for me- her liquid primer and tinted moisterizer are the best. I wear them every day- and you are SUPPOSED to apply with fingers so it’s great. Same with her concealer (goes first of course)- use only a little and apply with fingers. Throw on a little mascara, a good lipstick and a little blush and WAH-LA… I’ve always been curious about bronzer… I’m totally terrified I’ll look orange if I don’t get the right stuff… Anyway- food for thought. đŸ™‚ Love beauty talks!!

    1. Re: Bronzer- My solution was to walk in Sephora, find the most fabulous person with skin tone like mine (ended up being a lovely human named Jose with the SICKEST eyebrows), said “Help, I need the face skin makeup I only know lipstick and that winged eyeliner thing”, and he told me exactly what to get. Victory! As an aside, he also suggested Laura Mercier and my bronzer is the Sephora name-brand one, so really affordable. He did ask my price point and my general comfort with applying things and made me feel great.

      1. Liz-
        Thank you so much!! My Christmas prezzie to myself this year was make-up (I’m totally out of my good stuff) and I will be adding bronzer to the list… more adulting :). THANK YOU!
        – Diana

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