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That survey was spectacular. Over 90 people answered the questions. Let’s get to the stats!

First, the biggest write-in favorite was NARS Orgasm blush. Or blush of any kind. I forgot the blush! I am a pink pink lady. Pale and pink. It doesn’t occur to me to add more pink. Also, I wish I was in charge of naming NARS products. That must be a great office.

As far as demographics, people are all across the board from late teens to 40+ with 60% of the participants between 30 and 35. 

58% of those who answered are daily makeup users, but just the basics. 25% barely ever use makeup, or use very little.

The most important beauty product for most people is moisturizer – tinted or other. About 45 people ranked this product as the number most important product used. Second most important product for most is mascara and third is chapstick/lipgloss.

The write-in favorite brands introduced me to some brands I had not heard of and reinforced the brands I love and have used for years. Many of you suggested Laura Mercier tinted moisturizers (had never heard of this and now am for sure going to check it out), clinique products across the board, and burt’s bees for lips.

For body lotion (something that for me is a constant search because I have chronic dry skin, made worse by having babies, and my skin gets used to lotions and stops responding after a while. I am currently using Caudalie, but the smell is not my favorite) we all must be hippies because the overwhelming response was coconut oil! Which I use on my face, hair, and body. I have three body lotion things going at once most of the time because I have a lotion obsession. Jojoba oil was also mentioned (and something I also use), as well as Jergen’s, Aveeno, and Vaseline brands.

The splurge write-in was my favorite because this is the good shit. This is the stuff that we all covet and get excited to use – make excuses to use! Again, NARS products and NARS blush was a recurring write-in. Several people by fancy nail polish, and new lipsticks were another one.

But let’s discuss further. Do you have a favorite item you think more people would enjoy? What about hair products? Tell me how you makeup. Where do you buy your goods? What does “fancy nail polish” mean? I’m only like 13% adult.

12 thoughts on “Beauty Chat”

  1. Yu-Be Moisturizer has been working really well for my super-dry hands. (You know, WHEN I CAN REMEMBER TO PUT IT ON.) It’s a bit pricey, but I find a little goes a long ways, so it lasts a while.

    I am now slathering FIVE moisturizers on my face because it just gets so frickin’ dry. My facial lady recommended this “layering” approach. My ultimate splurge product at the moment is Yon-Ka Hydra No1 Creme. It is just… way more money than I should be spending on face stuff. But OMG I love it. It smells like lavender and I actually do think it’s made a difference for my skin. It will be a sad day when I find a less-expensive replacement.

    I recently switched to BareMinerals Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream as my foundation substitute, and I have to say, I’ve been very impressed. It’s nice and sheer but gives a good, healthy glow.

    My all-time favorite tinted moisturizer was NARS. It was just astounding. It gave my skin this unbelievably radiant glow while still managing to look like I was wearing nothing at all. But alas, something in it made my overly sensitive skin break out, so we were not meant to be. *tears*

    (I’m slightly embarrassed by how much I could talk about beauty products…)

  2. Hair product: I feel like everyone could benefit from using a mousse although it may feel completely 80s it really does help hold a style and give your hair some oomph! I’m currently using Not Your Mother’s Whip It Up Styling Mousse and loving it.

    Also, face oils! For those whose face cannot tolerate coconut oil (I wish I could but it just caused ridiculous breakouts) Tarte Maracuja oil is pretty incredible. I will warn you that the smell is not fantastic but it makes lines disappear, skin more glowy and gives wonderful moisture without any greasiness.

    Anndddd splurge product, I am considering the living proof dry shampoo. I’ve read about it in allure AND on one of my favorite beauty blogs and it just sounds too good to be true. If anyone has tried it let me know!

      1. I apply it after I’ve put on a serum and my night cream for night time use and then in the morning if I’m feeling especially dry I’ll put a bit on after putting on my moisturizer.

        If you are curious about the oil cleansing method, I’ve also gone that route as well!

  3. Have lived in the midwest for the past (almost!) 5 years and winter is THE. WORST. for my skin. The biting cold and wool everything certainly doesn’t help. I actually had such dry legs and was scratching so bad my doctor thought I had scabies… NOPE just super dry skin… So, I decided to tackle it this year…

    There’s a newer product out that Leslie Mann was hustling (40 year old virgin, this is 40) called Wet Skin, by Jergens. You put it on before you even get out of the shower!! Now I don’t forget to put lotion on because it’s become part of my shower routine!

    Since I’ve been using it everyday I’ve had absolutely no issues so far this winter.

    Woo hoo! HIghly recommended.

    1. I have questions! How does the wet skin work? Do you towel off still? How does it not get everywhere? I need a way to apply these things to my back that doesn’t involve my (sometimes… unreliable) husband…

  4. I’m one of your lurkers and also late-20’s almost-never makeup wearers. My purchase for 2016 is going to be one of those sticks that works as blush and lip tint and eyeshadow and maaaaaybe a tinted moisturizer, but I have pretty reasonable skin (thank goodness).
    As far as “fancy nail polish” goes, though, I love OPI only and do my nails for fun, usually in a colored french tip.

      1. Belated Hi back! I think I offered to babysit for you back when you lived in the Bay Area, but then you had to go and move somewhere more affordable…

    1. It’s not cheap, but…the NARS Multiple sticks function in that way. I feel like the price is justified because it lasts FOREVER. I bought mine before I had a kid (and he’s almost 1) and use it almost daily, and I still have a decent amount left.

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