2015 is Done.

I don’t do resolutions but I do like to look ahead and make some goals for myself. What can I accomplish next year? What did I do in the year that trails behind me? What are we here for? What are we doing? What have we done? Etc etc.

At the end of 2014 I made some goals.

I wanted to be more involved in charity work.

I wanted to make a dent and/or finish a book I had started.

And I wanted to have my baby.

The entire year I felt a nagging guilt over not being more involved in charity work. But I did do more/give more than I had in previous years. Time, tiny human responsibilities, and finances limited my ability. This is just something I really want to do and will always be a priority for my life. It’s just the unfortunate truth that sometimes other things come before my ability to give to others. Ugh, that just sounds so gross saying out loud.

I did for sure make a dent in a book I was writing. I did not finish it, though I had no excuse not to. I have, though, decided to reorganize it. (Did you hear that Margaret! Stop reading the draft you have! I have no goals for it!) I foresee this being an evolving process. One that doesn’t get much traction until after Fae turns 1. That’s just how having tiny humans works. The first year is a shit show, the rest of life struggles to keep up.

Oh, but I did have that baby. So, gold stars for me!

2016… it has a nice ring to it. When I think about the year in my mind I get little sparks of excitement. THE FUTURE IS HERE. What’s going to happen? What are we going to do? What surprises will pounce on us? Will they be good surprises? Or will they sit on our faces until we cry for mercy? Who knows! The future is a mystery…

What do I want to accomplish? What do you want to accomplish? What are you going to conquer in 2016? Hearing the aspirations of others is inspiring, so please do share in comments.

My three goals:

1.) Buy a freaking house.

2.) Create a successful (meaning good, by my standards) podcast.

3.) Be consistent with Weekend-ing again.

Other minor goals that I’ll say are “honorable mentions” are…

1.) Get into a career situation that is more permanent than where I’m at currently.

2.) Get our photo books printed!! For fucksake!

3.) Get back into shape.

I really feel like this year is the year of Taking Care of Business. It’s going to be one of those rip-roaring years where we all look back this time next year and think, “holy shit… all of that in just one year?” Yup. All of it in just one year. We got this. It’s going to be insane.

10 thoughts on “2015 is Done.”

  1. Goals! I always feel tired and over everything at the end of the year, ready to refocus on some new things. I have decided to do a word this year and the word I picked is GROW. I’ll be growing a baby for the first half of the year and then watching him grow for the second half, so that seemed like a good πŸ™‚ I’m also hoping to grow my business in new directions as I make this transition and grow my creative side by investing more time in my hobbies. Also hoping for a successful gardening season this year! Finally, I want to grow my own sense of self caring, letting myself have some grace as I figure all of this out.

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals. For me this year I sort of spaced out – I hate saying this out loud but it feels like I checked out entirely and it shows (and yes it’s such a luxury to be able to check out I know, so I’m thankful for that if anything)

    For 2016 I want to: make a good faith effort to make real in person friends where we live. I’m an introvert so this one is a struggle. Sometimes I go to meet ups but it’s awkward and feels like dating and I could go on and on. But in person friends in my state are good for my sanity.

    My second goal is to try to get pregnant. We want to have a baby. And we also know it’s a crapshoot and it takes some people years and others days and who knows. But right now we are both very overweight and it feels (to me) that we should get into a better place health wise before we start trying. We’ve got a pre-conception appointment with the OB in February. Fingers crossed!

    Third goal – give a better effort at work. I’m not the best and gone are the days when I was a gunner and wanted to be the most awesome! I don’t care about that anymore but I could be giving a better effort tha I do now.

    Wow – that was an essay! Thanks for reading!

  3. If you’re looking for a long term organization (that also happens to be all women) – to be involved in, check out Washington Women’s Foundation πŸ™‚ They use a really cool collective philanthropy model and they do grant giving and charity work in the community. They are so neat and definitely a no-guilt organization. http://wawomensfoundation.org/

    *I’m thinking about joining and would die to work there!

  4. “It’s just the unfortunate truth that sometimes other things come before my ability to give to others. Ugh, that just sounds so gross saying out loud.”

    Ummm you are giving to others! Your kids! That’s pretty major πŸ™‚

    I think it’s so amazing that you made progress on your book the same year you had a 2nd kid and continued to take care of the 1st kid. Like I am in awe.

    In 2016 I want to put my writing OUT there. I want to submit more work and be move involved in the local writing community. Maybe by going to more events at Hugo House?

    I also want to become a better photographer.

    And maybe start running again? That seems… good for me.

  5. So, I have to say that creating and nurturing new life is THE most important job. So, good for you that you made that priority #1! Also, when I complain about not giving enough money away, my hubs likes to remind me that before you can give charity, you should make sure you aren’t going to become charity (i.e. someone who needs charity), so keeping your own ducks in a row is not selfish, it’s pragmatic. And it’s like giving, in that you leave room for others who really need it. It makes sense in my head. Hopefully you get it too. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all you give us, like little breaks from work and reality checks and laughs about life, and adorable photos.

  6. Today is my last day at a job I hate and I don’t like the person I’ve become due to the stress. 2016 is a big year for me. I’m finishing up grad school, writing and publishing (I hope!) research papers, maybe a little extracurricular fiction/poetry writing, spending more time with my son (two weekdays a week of mama/toddler time), getting my weight back under control, bike riding, and swimming lessons. Also have hope for road trips, gourmet meal preparation, and gardening. After FIFTEEN years in an industry I hate (finance/investments/banking), I am trying to remember me. I don’t really remember her. Who am I?!?

  7. “I really feel like this year is the year of Taking Care of Business.”

    I definitely feel this way too. Being in grad school the last year and a half, I feel was kind of like hitting “pause” on life. And now that I’m graduated I feel this huge sense of urgency to get my shit together and be an adult again.

    My top 2 goals are:
    1) Get a full time job. — I have a semi-permenant job situation currently, but I need something that will pay me my deserved masters degree salary and be full time.
    2) Move out of gma’s basement and INto my Own place. — I have been living with my gma for Far too long and I am desperate to move out and be independent again. This however, is very dependent upon goal #1, mixed with increasing my ability to save $ (not a strong suit of mine).

    Another, slightly more personal goal, is to grow a back bone in my love life. I feel I am tough and feisty and someone who doesn’t take anyone’s shit…until it comes to men. So I want to work on being stronger — saying no, being direct, asking the tough questions, walking away when the person shows their true colors, etc., and not feeling guilty about any of this because I deserve something and someone good.

    Finally, I want to keep traveling. I did awesome at it in 2015 and want to keep it up.

  8. To potty train and find a preschool for the two year old. I would love to buy a new house too this year, but I don’t know if we are ready to sell our current one (we owe more than it is worth and need to figure out financials) and we could stand to save more for a down payment. But we are so ready to move. For myself I’ll be happy if I can stay sane and get some time for myself while taking care of my two kids. This year, before the baby turns one will probably be very difficult.

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