My Current 10

1.) Trump is a racist and anyone who supports him is also a racist. There is no middle ground or “I can see where you’re coming from” with this one.

2.) More people need to be focused and open to helping others. If we had space for people I would absolutely open my home to host refugees. When I see someone on the street who needs help (passed out in a crosswalk, an older person taking a tumble, whatever it may be), I pull over, I stop the car, I don’t ignore it. Pointing fingers is point-less. All of those people who think Syrian refugees should just figure it out, who don’t want to deal with their problem: may you never experience the feeling of running for your lives. May you never experience a government who actively kills its own citizens. May you never experience refugee camps where your child sleeps in the grass every night. Because if you do experience that, may you also be met with the same attitude you are placing upon others.

3.) I don’t care if I’m a bleeding heart. I want the world to be gentler and kinder. Just because it was hard for someone before me doesn’t mean it needs to be hard for someone after me. I don’t care about “earning” whatever it is that other people feel we need to “earn.” I just don’t care. Everyone should have a safe home, should have healthcare, should be able to send their kids to quality schools. But I do believe in paying taxes, chipping in, supporting local communities and local businesses. Voting with my dollar.

4.) The pyramids were built as tombs, they were NOT to house grain!

5.) The atrocities the Native Americans experienced at the hands of the United States have not been taught widely enough. They should be common knowledge and we should not be celebrating Christopher Columbus. It’s like having “conqueror day” … it’s weird.

6.) But you know, yay being thankful, yay the holidays, yay family time and traditions. Those are positives.

7.) Does anyone actually go Christmas shopping IN stores anymore? It’s like my worst case scenario. Thank you weekend deals that are also online so that I don’t have to think about hunting down presents in person.

8.) I have so many things to say about being approached as a “mom” about money and employment, but at this time it is inappropriate to do so. Ask me in person.

9.) Sometimes I have parenting days where I feel like an absolute fucking failure. Lately I am just bone tired. I am battling a cold, Fae has a cold, she is waking up every 2 hours at night which means I can’t sleep to kick this cold. Gabriel is so difficult. I feel like a hostage negotiator more than I am a happy parent. I am an exhausted, frustrated parent.

10.) I’m so tired of wearing nursing tank tops. I need bras!! But… $$. Always but $$.


Do you have a Current 10? Do you have a current 5? I want in on that.

9 thoughts on “My Current 10”

    1. I miss you guys too. <3 In a few weeks the posts will ramp up. I'm getting back in my groove and the babe is off to daycare next week. So more thinking time!

  1. I know people whose families will be voting for Trump, and I know they’re racist, and I feel so badly for the friends who know their families are. It’s a sad terrible thing.

    And I have zero empathy or understanding for / of people who are willing to paint refugees with the same brush as the terrorists. I’m a refugee’s kid. I remember, vividly, the story of their journey here and what it took to get here and that was before all this nonsense of thinking that every refugee is a terrorist in disguise. And then all the point blank lies about the demographics. I’m full of anger all the time at the situation.

    When did being a decent human being turn into being a bleeding heart? UGH.

    All the love. Parenting is frakking hard. Parenting two: much harder. Sending you all the get-well vibes.

  2. I just typed out a whole rant but then read it and decided maybe I’m a little TOO grumpy today to comment on the state of things? yeah. Shits hard.

  3. I’ve been a reader of yours since I found you on APW and I don’t think I’ve ever commented (shame on me) but I wanted to tell you how RELIEVED I am to see one of the American blogs I read finally saying something about this! Thank you. And thank you for saying the right things too. The refugee crisis is real and serious and I’ve been absolutely astounded by the lack of empathy and sometimes downright cruelty Americans have been showing in their responses (I’m South African and have worked with refugees all over the world). I honestly feel so relieved having read this blog and remembering that there are still good, open hearted and open minded people left…

  4. My five things.
    1. Moving interstate is hard.
    2. Trying to find childcare interstate is hard.
    3. Trying to rent houses interstate is hard.
    4. Servicing car so it makes the two day car trip to our new home cost more than said car is worth.
    5. Thank you so much for giving me the guts to say I wanted to move home again and to make that happen.

    Bonus…Here, Australia Day is also known as Invasion Day. We didn’t get any history of atrocities during my school years BUT several years ago, the Prime Minister apologised to the Indigenous population about said atrocities (lovely policies like taking children off their parents and giving them to white families to raise or putting them in nun-run orphanages to “civilise” them). The apology was a good first step. Now, we also have indigenous history and culture included as part of the national curriculum as a cross-disciplinary priority. It’s not perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than the ‘terra nullis’ version of history we got where our country’s history began in 1788.

  5. So, we just had a staff meeting and in it they mentioned the charity component of our holiday party would involve working with Lutheran Social Services to put together kits of basic home goods for newly arrived refugees. Yay! (Seriously, they’re the best – I’ll see if I can find the list of kits, because it’s extremely well put together.)

    One man at the table suddenly got very huffy about it. Thankfully he was met with stares of disbelief and not a few harrumphs at his shitty attitude.

    On a totally different note – I definitely shop in stores. Also online. But there’s something about being able to actually see and touch what I’m thinking of gifting to someone that makes it worth the madness to me.

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