Fae @ 4 Months


First of all, I expected to have a lot more posts between this month and last month and I am disappointed that it didn’t turn out that way. I’m still trying to figure out how to have time for all the things. I am currently not doing so well at that. IMG_4024 - Copy

This month felt super long. So much happened! I started freelancing full time, Kamel started paternity leave, it became fall/winter for reals, and the Tias came to visit!

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We are gearing up to finally put Fae in Gabe’s room for the night and I am totally nervous about it. Girlfriend is a loud sleeper with a lot of sucky noises and a lot of scootin’ around. But I have a suspicion that we are keeping each other up.


I think she is needing to nurse when really she is just sleeping loudly, and whenever we move around in bed she starts to fuss. She is sleeping through the night in 7 hour stretches much of the time, sometimes with just 1 wake up. But ugh. I just know this is going to freak Gabe out and we’ll have a week of transition where no one sleeps. Hurray! Who has done this transition with #2? Tell me about what happened! We are waiting for a baby monitor to arrive from Amazon and then we’re doing the switcharoo. Be still my heart.



Fae is mile-stoning all over town this month. She’s doing stuff that we didn’t see with Gabe until he was 8/9/10 months old! At 3.5 months girlfriend rolled over! Which doesn’t seem like much to the untrained eye, but it means that if we set her down somewhere, she will no longer stay put!


Within 30 seconds of setting her down on her back, Fae flips herself over and then starts scooting like an inch worm.



This was also Fae’s first Halloween! (And Gabriel’s third!) Fae was an owl and Gabe went as Elsa to trick or treat.





My sister in laws also came to visit! They exposed Gabe to flamenco and the rest is history. He is dancing all over my house asking for “menco!” And many, many baby snuggles were had by all.



Fae remains much smaller than Gabriel was at this age. I finally pulled up the clothes I saved of his up to 6 months so it has been fun to throw on some of his hoodies and footy PJs. Stuff Gabe wore at 2 months, Fae is now wearing at 4 months. It is really nice to not be killing my arms with a 20 lbs baby, let me tell you. Stay bean sized, Fae! Just for a little while longer at least!


Fae is still the happiest baby I have ever experienced. So smiley, so happy, so chill, so easy. Except when she isn’t – a rarity. But the gloves come OFF. And she is not sad, she is PISSED and has the loudest cry I have ever heard.




Now the latest game and struggle for Fae has been to eat her feet. She tries, she tries real hard, but can’t quite get them past the rolly polly tummy pudge to shove them in her mouth. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.


(The contrasting footies probably don’t help either…)


Happy 4 months my best girl!! You continue to be my absolute joy. You surprise me every day. And at this point I don’t even mind the showers of spit up. Especially because they are most often happening on your dad.

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  1. We plan on putting our boys in the same room when the younger is about four months as well. I’m hoping it’ll help the older stay in his room the whole night. But our baby is such a loud sleeper too, so much grunting! (The age difference with ours is the same as yours, but a few months behind.) I wish you luck, and hopefully you share some stories. I also used to dance flamenco, and miss it. I have a feeling my toddler would enjoy it too, since he frequently goes around the house dancing.

      1. We’ll have to do that too! He loves watching dancing videos, so far we’ve done music videos (he loves Shake It Off) and Bollywood. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of flamenco.

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