Children in Tragedies

Explaining the bad things about the world to my children is something I grit my teeth over. Who wants to tell their children that the world is ACTUALLY dangerous and scary? It is amazing and magical, but it is also pretty terrible. Thankfully I haven’t had to do it yet.

This dad, though… does a pretty fantastic, age appropriate job. Something we can all cling to.

5 thoughts on “Children in Tragedies”

  1. I used the Mr Rogers quote about looking for the helpers, because we talk about being helpers, not hinderers, quite a lot. We also talked about what bravery means, that it doesn’t mean not being afraid, that sometimes it means singing The Marseillaise in the tunnels while you exit the football stadium that was bombed, or playing a piano in the rubble outside a rock concert. Bravery is sometimes facing hatred with love, and violence with peace, and guns with flowers, not more guns.

    Not sure if you can view it, but one of our commentators gave an awesome speech about not giving this terrorist group exactly what they want – even when you want to hate and divide. Just google Waleed Aly and I’m sure you’ll find it.

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