Things, October

This month has been especially quiet in blog land. And it’s actually gearing up to be a very busy month, but things with me are sort of…. wonk.

The month started off with some downers on the job front. Nothing seems to be panning out. There have been many many many applications filled out with very few return phone calls. After the “work for free… with kids” incident, I was then sent an email for a phone interview from a major online retail company (that starts with a Z that many people use) offering me 15.50 an hour to write product copy and I would have to work a weekend day (either Saturday or Sunday, my choice!) with an 11:30am to 7:30pm schedule. Unfortunately not a family friendly job and too entry level. I’m pretty up beat about the job hunt game. I’m generally good at getting work, I don’t procrastinate with job applications – applying to somewhere between 5-10 jobs a week in my little digital content world – replying to all recruiter phone calls and emails promptly and with enthusiasm. I’m on it, you know? But a week ago I was beyond defeated. Since then things have shifted in a new direction and I’m excited to report in full on that in a little bit.

Oh my gosh suddenly it is fall. There are leaves on the ground and a chill in the air and I’m having to wear cardigans and my two pairs of pants that fit, and there was even a full day of rain this week! The first time that’s happened in what? 5 months? 6 months? ALL DAY RAIN. It was glorious. And in 2 months I will be crying mercy. Fickle fickle Lauren.

This weekend we are headed to the beach with my parents for my dad’s 60th birthday! The first vacation we have taken in over a year. It will be rainy and chilly and cozy. There will be board games and sweat pants and rain boots. Gabe will be in a bunk bed in his own room. I’m anticipating several wakeups. But maybe I can sneak in a nap while my parents take Gabe somewhere to run him ragged.

I am working out a ton. So is Kamel. I love it. I actually really enjoy working out. Not so much the getting out of bed, but I like the physical challenge of it and getting into the zone. Alarms go off at 530, if Fae doesn’t have a 5am feeding, and then it is sports bras and living room squats and lunges and high knees. I am a sweaty betty, Kamel is sore and grumpy, it is ON folks.

It’s been a year since I got pregnant with Fae. Can you believe it? I put this photo on instagram yesterday.

12145053_1499000947084773_2064904483_n (1)

Me, post workout, weeks pregnant. Fae was IN THERE you guys. She was already in there and now she is out here and it never ceases to amaze me. Especially when milestones roll past like they do. Yesterday I was thinking about when Kamel and I got married. How woah, I got MARRIED. Like, that happened! How did that even happen? And then we decided to have babies?! And that happened too?! When? When did all these things happen and why wasn’t I informed? Sometimes life IS slow, like waiting for employment or waiting for enough money to buy a house or waiting for pregnancy to be done, but the reality is it is never slow. Not ever. It is fast. It is a blink. It is my entire twenties poof. Did I really do all of those things? And is it really over?

It is. I wonder what’s next…

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  1. What workouts do you do in your living room? I love the idea of doing that (kid-friendly, cheap, minimal commute time) but the only one we’ve really seriously tried was P90X which was good but we couldn’t do a lot of the things (“ok, now two minutes of pull-ups” …yeah.) and when you have to skip some of the exercises then you eventually find yourself skipping the ones you COULD actually do… and it’s just not as good of a workout. I’ve also tried Jillian Michael’s yoga tapes – they were good but not sure I could get the boy on board. And do the same one multiple times per week? Eh… anyway, would love to hear about what’s working for yous!

    And solidarity on the job search front… keep at it!

    1. I’m just going to interject into this question 🙂 and recommend fitnessblender dot com – it is completely free – run by a husband and wife team – of exercise videos of all kinds! You can do shorter or longer, stretching, yoga or pilates based, cardio, target specific areas of the body, use equipment or not, and they let you search for all those criteria as well as difficulty etc through their filtering system. I love that they explain things well, there is little distraction or loud music, gentle encouragement, and its completely free! Its awesome! I just did a step aerobics video, since I just got a step up thingy, in my living room!

    2. We use xbox fitness. It tracks your movements and progress and you compete against your old scores and such. I do Jillian Michael’s kick boxing fast fix for my “lazy” days and I am currently doing “Insanity” which is really hard but really fun. I haven’t completed an entire insanity yet. But ONE DAY!

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