Happy 60th Dad!

My dad has been celebrating his birthday since my parents went on a crazy vacation to the wilds of Wyoming to go on some intense horseback riding trips in September. 60! The big 6-0! Somehow this is a bigger, better birthday than 50.


(After running the stairs up the Space Needle!)

My dad is now retired, my parents are figuring out what they want to do with the rest of their lives now that they have the freedom to not be chained to a job, and now my dad has started the decade where all of that will take place.


Last weekend we went to the beach with my parents for a few days of vacation and to spend some time relaxing in one of our favorite places. Growing up we went to the beach every summer. The 3 hour drive to Pacific Beach was our only vacation for many years. I have dreamed of when I’d be taking my own kids there with my parents and now it is happening.




This weekend we’re all going out to a fancy steak dinner to celebrate him in style. Birthday extravaganza!

Happy Birthday, Dad!! The 60s are going to be fantastic!


3 thoughts on “Happy 60th Dad!”

  1. Happy birthday to your dad! Sixty is a big one and should be celebrated. It’s the age we lost my dad and I wish we’d made a bigger deal out of his birthday. Treasure these moments and keep taking lots of pictures! These are fantastic memories for all. šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for all you have done. Spending time with you, mom , Kamel and my lovely grandchildren is always a pleasure. Love you all!!

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