Fae @ 3 Months


Fae @ 2 months.

Oh my gosh, Fae! It has been a month! I can’t even believe an entire month has gone by. How does that keep happening? Three months ago I had a baby? That seems like such a small number and yet, and yet, and yet, such a large expanse of time. Too large for such a tiny human. A tiny human with so many happy rolls.

Just after your 2 month mark we took you in for your first round of vaccinations. We are what I like to call “happy vaxxers.”


I think you may disagree. For the rest of the day you were super pissed and wouldn’t sleep and wouldn’t eat for hours. Your poor little chubby legs hurt and you were too distracted by that to latch or do anything else but wail. Thankfully some tylenol helped, but that was quite THE DAY.


Today is the 13th, as is your birthday, as is your mother’s birth date. And you were born just 30 years and 3 months after she (me) was born. It is also your 3rd month, in the year your father turns 33. I see big things for you this month, Fae. Three is an auspicious number, but especially for you.


I enter all of these photos in the order they were taken, but girlfriend has some mad face. Some classic IDGAF looks and it all makes me so happy. She is also incredibly happy (except when she IS NOT HAPPY), incredibly chill (except when she feels UTTERLY BETRAYED), and super fun to be around (always at all times).

20150920_161617293_iOS 1



Fae is 13.5 lbs and is solidly in 3-6 months clothes, sometimes just straight up 6 month clothes but that means nothing because baby clothes are sized by drunkards. It only means I am zooming through all of the clothes we have for her and whipping out stuff I thought we would get to at Christmas. Some items I’ve only been able to get her into once before it became too small. The life of babies, man.



(Gabe at 2.5 months and Fae at the same)

When Fae was born I thought she was the lady version of Gabe with darker skin, but now I am seeing their faces are similar but different. Fae is getting her own look. She has lost the newborness and has transitioned into full on baby times. They look like siblings, but also like themselves. Genetics are so exciting!


(Amanda, I think she looks like Yulia in this one!)


Other things about Fae – she has started loving her baby gym! She can hang out and yell at it for an hour sometimes. Girlfriend is loud. She is excitable and she shouts her happiness in the best way. She has also become super grabby. She will pinch under my arm, she will grab fistfuls of blanket (that goes straight to her mouth), she’ll cling to Kamel’s lower lip if he would let her, and frequently grabs our neck skin. Ouch.




This month we also found out that the large pimple-sized bump on Fae’s head is a himangioma. Don’t google that. It’s harmless, it just looks kinda bad and can grow and grow and then will eventually shrink and shrink. I hope it doesn’t get too big, but it’s currently still growing so we shall see.


This weekend we went to the beach with my parents for my dad’s 60th birthday and Fae laughed for the first time! My mom was tickling her neck and she gave several big belly laughs. It blew my mind.



And! After weeks and weeks of 0-2 wakeups a night – so very reasonable – on the eve of her 3 month birthday, baby Fae woke up every 2 hours! YAY! It was just like the good ol days of her newborness. Just kidding time, I’m cool with you zooming ahead for some things.


11:30, 1:30, 3:30, and 5:30 never looked so cute. Happy 3 months Fae!


6 thoughts on “Fae @ 3 Months”

  1. So much cuteness!

    Himangioma! R (the godson) had one that got to about the size of a dime … but it started shrinking around his 1st birthday and was totally gone (without even a “dark” spot to show it’d been there) by his 2nd. Never bugged him, and honestly, he was super cute with it. 😉

    With, at it’s largest: https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xta1/v/t1.0-9/5103_1151689907385_1379325_n.jpg?oh=3896df0e48638be7a76b0ca038be8a25&oe=5696D2B4

    Super current, nothing to show for it: https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/11015005_10204563475541821_5804151723550048554_n.jpg?oh=f594703e0b881b2ce6486cf15749e977&oe=568AC9FE

  2. Oh my gosh. She is so beautiful and expressive! Happy 3 months, sweet Fae!

    My girl had a himangioma on her head too. We called it her strawberry kiss. Luckily it was in the middle of her head and her hair started growing and one day we just couldn’t see it anymore, even when we looked for it.

  3. My cousin has a couple of those (one large on one his chin, others around his body) and my sister had one (next to her eyeball). Not a big deal and I’m sure that you guys are cool visiting the pediatrician when you have concerns. Speaking of which, the vaccination picture hits me right in the feels. The betrayal they feel! Elliott didn’t need any shots at his 2 year appointment, but he got a flu shot and was so pissed he couldn’t even eat his cheddar bunnies. ha!

    Thank you for these updates. It’s so lovely to see the love you guys have for Fae, to watch her grow and learn, and to experience those baby days again (without the sleep deprivation).

  4. Oh she is the absolute sweetness, and growing so fast. So many happy photos of her. She definitely looks a bit like Yu, I think it is the big smile and the way her eyes go to the sides a bit when she smiles.
    Yulia was born with a little hemangioma in her arm (they call it “Strawberry spot / aardbeiflekje) here. It never grew and it is on its way to becoming smaller.

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