Things, September

September is barely here but I already have some things.

First the weather is finally bearable and I am … kind of missing the endless days of sun and blue sky? I AM A FICKLE BITCH I TELL YOU. Like, now I can’t just traipse out whenever the mood strikes? I have to actually pay attention to the forecast? Just in case it is raining? What is this inconvenience you speak of?

Working out. It is happening. Get it get it get it get it. Between 5 and 6 AM, unless the baby sleeps longer (And then I take it as a sign from GOD that we can stay in bed longer) we are up and at-am and sweating in the living room. Kicking and punching and squats and all kinds of horrible contortions in order to raise the heart rate and lift the butts.

Current food obsession: Veggie Quesadillas. Light on the cheese, heavy on the veggies. Tune into Instagram for a totally useless barrage of food photos (heavy on the cute kids, light on the food).

We are successfully having outings with our brood. I know it sounds like we have a whole gaggle when really we only have 2, but omg it feels like so many more babies than just 2. It feels like an ARMY OF BABIES. And we have managed to strap them into car seats and ignore their whines and cries and actually go places on the weekends. This mostly leaves Kamel and I in a sweaty puddle of stress and exhaustion. But we’re doing it! And I am banking on it getting easier with time and age. Like, eventually they drive themselves, right?

Last weekend Maris came into town and my family by choice was complete. More than ever I feel like some sort of band of super heroes with magic rings? (Bear with me here.) And only when we are all together do our powers combine into some sort of fantastical force? Anyways – I feel the most myself when my best friends are all together. The way they love on my kids, the way we cheer for each other, the way we always have our backs, the way they know so very much about it all that half the conversation is already spoken before we get a word out. It’s family and I want it all the time. (Soon, right Maris? SOON!)

Next weekend is for reals potty training weekend-o-spills-and-thrills. This was supposed to happen a few weeks ago but Gabe was sick and I need him in an up beat attitude for this thing.Underpants have been purchased, process has been ironed out, the only thing left to do is prep daycare that underpants are going to be the name of the game at school starting next week. I’m anticipating: pee on the carpet and poop in the potty resistance. But I’m also hoping that by October at the latest diapers all day are a thing of the past and we only have diapers at night. Here we go kids…

**Edit: We talked to the daycare potty trainer 9-5 (8:30-6) lady extraordinaire and she said that Gabe had regressed since his transition into the new room at the start of the new school year. So… we have to wait since he isn’t even peeing in the potty in the new room! WHAT! I guess the bigger potty freaks him out. SIGH. So we delay a bit longer. At least we got super super adorable underpants to gaze at longingly with the promise of cheaper Target bills?

Still on the job hunt. Still on the hunt to get me out of this house. Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh, no on the regression! When did he switch rooms? I’m sure a new room and a new baby were (are) some big changes for him. Hold steady! You will get there. With Elliott’s delays, I’m not even looking at a potty training date. We have a potty and some m&ms, but he is straight up TERRIFIED of sitting on that thing (naked or not). One day.

  2. Definitely want updates on the potty training!!! Two kids in diapers is HARD and it never ends. We have potties in all our bathrooms plus Nana’s and Grandma’s bathrooms. We just need the motivation to start this. We also have a newborn. Worried the whole thing is going to end in massive bribery along with yelling.

    1. This weekend we are going to double down on sitting on the potty every hour. We’re going to set a timer and break out the M&Ms perhaps… or just stick to stickers and maybe keep the M&Ms for harder tasks like…. pooping. OH THE POOPING IN THE POTTY MY GOD.

    1. I went on one tiny shopping spree so that I could interview and show up at a job 20 lbs heavier and not fitting into clothes. BUT THAT’S IT. That’s all I get. I need to at least be able to fit into some pants one of these days!!

  3. Sighing at the September heat wave. I never thought I’d be grouchy that the Bay Area had real summer heat but of course it does after I’d acclimated.

    Poor Gabe, lots of changes are rough! Now I wish I’d asked my mom about how she did potty training. I remember an era where we had baby toilets but nothing else.

    But you guys are amazing, intrepid!

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