Hair, Glorious Hair!

I took my hair for granted before having Gabe. I grew it long for my wedding, then hacked it off and donated it. I enjoyed a long-ish bob for about a year and then grew it out through Gabe’s pregnancy and then after. The after is the story.

After I had Gabe my hair got really, really dry and frustratingly unmanageable. And then of course a large chunk of it fell out. That part was messy and inconvenient, but it was really the texture change and the hair growing BACK that caused me 2 years of hair strife.

Hair strife is real, people.

My ill-timed decision to grow out my hair after I had Gabe meant that the majority of my hair was fairly long and getting longer, while a substantial amount of my hair was …. not. The new growth after my hair fell out never really managed to catch up with the old hair. There was a period of time when I had about 3-4 inches of new growth and it was way curly and all over the place. Blow drying did nothing, having my hair chemically smoothed did nothing, various haircuts asking for help – nothing. Just two years of frustration and teeth-gritting patience. The texture change/dryness …. I don’t know how long that would have gone on for because when I got pregnant things evened out in that regard. I’m still waiting for that symptom to kick in postpartum and praying that it just … won’t.

All through my pregnancy this time around, though, my hair was mostly kick ass. I love my long, big hair. I love it! It’s so fun and relatively manageable with some hair knowledge and good weather. It holds product well, it goes days and days without a wash (I only wash my hair twice a week), it’s fantastic! It’s also heavy and hot and all over the place with a mind of its own if I don’t wrangle it.

Very literally the second thought in my mind after pushing Fae out was: I want to cut my hair off immediately.

It’s so inconvenient for nursing around the clock. For the first five weeks I was wearing my hair up in a bun day and night. Very literally day and night. The postpartum night sweats didn’t encourage my hair to be down and neither did the stuffy heat of this frustratingly (planet-killingly) hot summer. Keeping my long hair tied up 24/7 did nothing to make me feel remotely put together even on my best days, which were and are few and far between as of late. But most importantly – I have faith that he great shed of 2015 is coming. OH IT’S COMING. It will probably hit between 3-4 months PP, so in maybe a month? And there was no fucking way I was going to go through that with long hair. My god, the mess alone. But then knowing that I would be fighting the same battle as last time with the long hair and the short hair and the long hair and the medium hair and the long hair and the weird shortish curly, completely fucked up hair all around my hairline? God no. No with a capital N.

So I chopped it off.


That’s me! Salon fresh! The before and after!

This is me, as I am mostly in my natural habitat. No time or desire for blow drying. I call it the tuck and roll.


I also got a subtle dye job to take me out of my previous ombre that had done a fair amount of growing out since the last time I got a haircut (early December 2014!).

So I’ll be rocking this long-ish bob for at least year, but probably 2. Anticipating the shed and giving my hair enough time to grow back afterwards and catch up with itself – my biggest sanity saving game plan to date.

It’s also pretty fantastic to once in a while re-invent your whole look. Not that this is so very groundbreaking, but it’s the little things. The little victories, the little risks, the little happies. Plus the ability for me to not look like I’m heading to the gym at all hours of the day, to actually look like maybe I tried (when really I didn’t) even wen I so clearly do not have real time to spend blow drying for 20 minutes+ at this stage in the came. Right now I’ll take any life cheats I can get my hands on. Hashtag: Short Hair Don’t Care?

7 thoughts on “Hair, Glorious Hair!”

  1. “Very literally the second thought in my mind after pushing Fae out was: I want to cut my hair off immediately.”

    See, Lauren, this is why you’re awesome.

    I’m trying to “reinvent” my look by growing my hair OUT (which I haven’t done in forever), and right now I’m at the frustrating stage/length where it just clings to my neck and OMG I WANT IT CHOPPED. But I’m holding out… for now…

  2. I did the long pixie during pregnancy then decided that if grown my hair out. Well I’m 3.5 months pp and it’s falling out like crazy so I’m chopping it again. I just can’t handle the falling out, not that it won’t short but maybe just maybe it won’t seem so bad because right now I just feel like I constantly have hair all over me.

    1. Oh my gosh it is awful. I used to wake up with hair all over my pillow. I’m hoping just having less hair will make it more manageable. Don’t worry though! Right when you think you can’t possibly lose more hair without it becoming patchy, it will stop.

  3. OMG, you just described my hair strife to a tee. For the past 2 years (my kid is almost 2.5), it’s been rough. I didn’t even realize that it is the regrowth (the weird short frizzy hairs) that is making it look so horrible all the time until I read this post! And the texture change! I didn’t even realize I could be dealing with a texture change, I just assumed my hair was damaged even though I never use heat or styling tools! If a second pregnancy doesn’t cure it I’m going to take a page out of your book and chop it off already.

    Your hair looks awesome, btw. Love it.

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