Fae @ 2 Months


(Fae @ 1 month)

Oh my goodness, so much has changed already it is kind of breaking my heart to look back at “old” photos of her. Right now I am sitting in the kitchen while Fae is sitting on Kamel’s lap in the living room. I am itching at bug bites because tis the season. Two full months! Come and gone! I can’t believe it.


This month Fae has become much more alert, spending a lot more time awake and looking around at the world. She still sleeps most of the time (though less and less on me because MILK) but it’s been fun to have her hanging out and looking around while we family it up.


We went out and about much more this month! Some times it was a total clusterfuck and other times it was awesome! This is Fae nursing in the Nordstrom Mother’s Lounge, the classiest place to breast feed. Although – side note: I was amazed at how many women actually wanted to chat with me while I was nursing. This is a quiet space for moms, people! My boob is out! Please mind your own business. Now is not the time to ask me how old she is or what her name is or (and I kid you not) how big she was when she was born. Actually, unless you are a nursing mom or needing to use the mom facilities you should not be in there at all! There are plenty of sinks and bathrooms in the other rooms. Even a separate lounge for non nursing mothers! Go away!




Fae is the most joyous baby I have ever experienced. Her smiles are huge. When she isn’t hungry or uncomfortable or sleeping, this chic is HAP-PY. Big goofy grins that light up the entire room. It is the greatest and feels like a triumph every time!




Gabe and Fae continue to have the most heart warming relationship ever. When she sees him she is all grins. Even when he isn’t interacting with her she is a Gabe-Grinning-Machine! He is incredibly gentle with her and remains delighted in touching her soft head, saying “hiiii Fae” and being aware of her location at all times.

“Where Fae go?!”

“She’s sleeping.”

“In the bedroom?”


“… Ok.”

5 minutes later….

“Where Fae go?!”





 Look at that roly poly bundle of squish!! This giant bath sponge we got at BabiesRUs has been awesome by the way! Highly recommend.

Fae has completely shed her newborness and is now a chubby little baby. I know she isn’t technically out of “newborn” stage until 3 months but girlfriend is uncurling and packin’ on the rolls like a champ. She’s got great neck control and is about 12 lbs? We have her 2 month appointment later this week. Compared to Gabe’s 34 lbs she is light as a feather!


Happy 2 months my beautiful daughter!


You are my deepest joys.

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