Fae @ 1 month


Fae is 1 month old today! I really love her an immense amount. I often call her Faebelina like Thumbelina but different. The family nickname for her is Birdie because she chirps and pecks like a bird, she is covered in downy fluffy hair, and she honks like a lovable goose.


She mostly still sleeps but has gotten more and more alert in the last week and a half. She spends a period of time in the afternoon and the evening fairly alert, mostly calm but sometimes fussy.




She eats a lot. More than I remember Gabe eating, but when I look back at my Sprout App and all of the newborn statistics, it looks to be about the same, maybe 1-2 feeding difference. When she is awake her prime objective is to nurse, mostly. I look forward to the time when she can successfully take a pacifier.



Fae is a spitter. She barfs on me multiple times a day. Not real barf, just milk barf, but still. Sometimes it just pours out of her like the exorcist. Sometimes I don’t realize she has spit up and she ends up rubbing her face all over it while snuggled into my shoulder. Always a nice surprise later.


Gabe is very intent on telling her “Issok, Fae. No cry.” And giving her lots of head kisses. He holds her hand in the car when she cries (or tries to hold her tiny flailing fingers with tiny flailing claws) and reports on her spit up situation. “Bubbles, mama!! Fae bubbles!!” or “Uh oh… napkin!”


One month of life complete. And I even successfully trimmed her nails. Boom.

(Fae at 1 month old)

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  1. The thought of Gabe trying to hold her hand in the car is melting me. Seriously, I’m a puddle. I can’t wait to see their relationship develop further. I have a feeling it’s going to be oh so good.

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