The Catch Up

Fae Lira was born!! I am no longer pregnant, and that was exactly the first words out of my mouth after she sprang forth from my womb. (Imagery right there, folks. Like maybe she had a top hat and a cane and she did a little jig? TA DAAAAA!)


How that all came to be will be a story for next week because, guess what? Having 2 kids is way harder than having just 1. Like … holy shit what did we do what were we thinking, I GUESS THIS IS OUR LIFE NOW.


Fae is the best and Gabe is the cutest big brother but I seem to never have any free hands and my laundry just tripled.


Also! It was Kamel and my anniversary yesterday! And I didn’t even have a hot second to write my usual post about it or get him a card or … anything. So that will be happening later today. One day late isn’t so bad. And maybe I can even be thoughtful about it now that I have successfully gotten Fae to sleep on the boppy and not just in the arms of Kamel or I.

I’ve been going around and around and around with how I want to continue (how or IF) with this blog. I feel sort of out of touch even having a blog nowadays. Like everyone is doing tumblr or microblogging on instagram only. And do I even have time for this? If you look at the posting history lately I think that answer is a no. But also I don’t want to abandon this space. This is a good space to have and hopefully a good space to visit. I’m not ready to toss it away. So I’m hoping to get writing done in batches, get caught up on the week when I can and schedule some content. I’m hoping for 3 posts a week and if there are more than wahhooo! I have so much to write about, so many things I’ve wanted to get to, so many events that I have missed talking about already, that I feel like I’m falling waaaayyyy behind. But I’ll catch up, I’ll get there. Even if not in real time, I’ll make it happen … somehow.

18 thoughts on “The Catch Up”

  1. Hooray! I’ve been stalking your blog after seeing the announcement of Fae’s entry to the world on your instagram :). She is beautiful Lauren!! And I sincerely hope you don’t abandon this blog, its one of the few I adore reading. Your writing is always inspirational and so real.
    Happy Anniversary and happy new baby!

  2. First up: HI FAE!

    Second up: I hear you on the blog. I am WAY WAY less crazy-busy with you and I have to step back. That said — I for one selfishly feel like there’s still a place for this blog 😉 Smart writing, smart convos, what’s not to love?

    Also: micro-blogging, tumblr, Medium… everything comes in trends. Long-form will be back “in” some day. If it’s what you love, that’s what matters.

    1. Confession: micro-blogging on insta, etc drives me nuts. It’s supposed to be stream-lined and efficient, and I end up having to scroll through monologuing and endless hashtags. The struggle is real.

      But also, i greatly enjoy the blog 🙂 It makes me feel (just a little bit) like i’m back in Seattle seeing you guys all of the time!

  3. Lauren she is gorgeous – so many congratulations to you, Kunal and Gabe and an enthusiastic welcome to Fae!

    Obviously I want you to continue with the blog since I’ve been reading it for a solid 3 or 4 years and love it. However, if it’s not for you any more then don’t beat yourself up to keep doing it – maybe just give yourself a break for a bit and then see if the love comes back. We’ll all still be here for you.

  4. I never comment, but I just wanted to say welcome to the world little Fae! And I love reading your writing Lauren, so I hope you keep blogging, even if it’s a once and a while thing 🙂

  5. Yay beautiful FAe, GAbe giving him the pacifier is the sweetest. And you look so, so pretty in that family photo with Fae, you are transpiring joy.
    I hope you will continue writing, it is so hard to find the time (not the ideas!) with me by the time I am able to write I am so completely brain dead…

  6. Congrats Lauren!
    Take the time you need. Your blog is awesome. Fewer quality posts are better than a million meaningless blurbs.

  7. Congratulations! And welcome Fae 🙂 <3
    Please dont go! I love your insights on parenting. And I dont insta or tumblr (I'm a little old-fashioned and feel I already have FAR too much social media in my life). I would miss you. I was even wondering just this morning whether maybe you had had your baby, and thats why I hadn't spotted anything new lately.
    There are ALWAYS going to be people who prefer to read long-form, and especially without hashtags. Always.
    Whenever you have time, people will be here to read you. Promise.

  8. Welcome baby! I look forward to hearing how you are doing with a toddler and an infant. (Whenever you are ready to get back to writing, of course.) Especially as we are about to join you in that club in two months. (My first son will turn two a month before my due date.) I’ve been enjoying reading what you write and would miss it if it was completely gone.

  9. So many congratulations on baby Fae! I tweeted you but also never feel like that’s actually real unless I say it on the blog. Which is also my way of saying, a blog is much more like home. Microblogging like tumblr and instagram just seem like casual hello media, rather than a space of your own. Great for quick thoughts and chats but ephemeral <3

    Two kids is so much more than one! I'm super impressed you've already got Fae not sleeping in your arms. I think we didn't manage that with LB for months! Thinking of you all!

  10. Aww, I just want to say I hope you continue in some way that works for you – less frequently, different medium, whatever you choose. Though I know it’s a huge time investment and ultimately, you know, you do you. But I just love reading your writing! And seeing pictures of your kickass little family! Congrats!

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