Today’s Rant Brought To You By: WTF EVERYONE

When do people, as whole, start being grown ups? As in: Start taking responsibility for their own actions and feelings, understand what is socially acceptable and polite, respond to RSVPs, say thank you, apologize occasionally? Is this the great unicorn of human existence? Are we doomed to wander as pseudo-toddlers for all eternity? I’m sure there are some higher evolved humans who have mastered at least some of these things.

In a related rhetorical rant-question: Why are cliches so unavoidable? It’s like we see a big flashing sign in the sky that says, “Don’t be that guy!!” and we keep repeating it to ourselves, don’t be that guy, don’t be that guy, don’t be that guy… until somehow the words get twisted into “be that guy, be that guy, be that guy.” And before you know it, damnit! WE ARE THAT GUY. Being entirely original is obnoxious but jesus, maybe as a whole we could cool it on the Lifetime Movies, Days of Our Lives, non-reality-reality.

People are the worst. It’s too bad we’re one of them.

Care to share what’s got your goat lately?

3 thoughts on “Today’s Rant Brought To You By: WTF EVERYONE”

  1. I hear you!! People seem to forget that the tiny computer they hold in their hands for 23.5 hours a day is also a TELEPHONE that they can use to CALL someone when they’ve messed up. We all do it. We forget things, events don’t make it into our calendars, we drop the ball despite our best intentions. But when you mess up it is not my responsibility to make the first move. Pull your head out of your ass, call me on the phone, and simply apologize. I don’t want your half-baked excuse. A straightforward, genuine acknowledgment of fucking up indicates that you are an adult that recognizes the consequences of your actions. BE BETTER.

  2. Yikes. The other day I was walking in a hospital and heard a young guy (18? 22?) tell his friend about all the hot women there were “there” (not sure where that was) and how it was just like being at the grocery store and looking at the stuff on the shelves trying to decide what to pick. Because you know…Ugggghh the worst. I’m annoyed I didn’t say anything to them. I wanted to tell you though!

  3. My thing right now is people who just listen to some video on their phone with no headphones, just blasting the speakers, in public places. I feel like this is happening more and more and I do not understand it. I was just on a flight where the lady next to me was just playing streaming TV on her iPad loud as can be. Hello? There are other people here? And it was sports! The one thing it’s not that important to have sound to enjoy! But the worst was I asked her if she could please use headphones since me and the other person in the row were trying to read and she responded “We’re going to land in 25 minutes.” …….???

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