Things: Where Did The Spring Go?

I try and do 1 monthly “Things” post of all the random stuff I would like to talk about but is too small for 1 big post. But today it is not particularly June and not particularly May. Well, it is actually June, but I am having a hard time truly believing my calendar. April was long and full of travel and activities and turning 30, the last month of working for a while, and and and. It stretched on and felt full and complete. May. What happened in May? The world zoomed by and poof there are few flowers on the trees, everything is turning into a deep summer green, and the new birth of spring is settling into maturity. Well, ok then nature… you just do your thing, I guess.

We took photos while running about some last weekend, but then missed a bunch of other photo moments like a fun pizza-making BBQ at a friend’s place where Gabe was … a challenge, but also adorable, but also annoying, but also played by himself with a ball and an empty chair, but also refused to eat, but also referenced their house (and all free standing homes) as a castle. So, he was a toddler. What this meant was, I didn’t actually do a weekend-ing post because I felt my photo documentation was sparse. I need to be better. I have a goal of doing 100 of them and at this rate it’s going to take me several years to complete.

I am making photo books of every year of our family adventures since our wedding in 2011 for our anniversary this year. Since technically for our anniversary we will be having a baby, this is one of those projects that needs extra funds thrown at it and therefore needs a special occasion to complete. Looking through our adventureing trips makes me even more wanderlusty. We didn’t do anything this year! No long weekends to new places, no vacations. It is very sad and makes me miss doing new things very much. Things we have done: saved for a house, gestated. But ugh, booorrrinnnggg. I need my Great Wide Somewhere.

So, I was hoping to have a post about our updated nursery situation this week. BUT, do you know what is hard to find time to do with a toddler? Nail things into the walls. If they are around they want to touch everything and see everything and help and be picked up to look and on and on. If they are sleeping then nails in the walls are not a thing that really can happen. Sigh. Next week for sure. For growing family’s in small(er) spaces, I have some tips. Hint: It mostly involves not having a ton of stuff, but there is some Ikea thrown in as well.

We had family photos done last week by Rachelle Rawlings and the sneak peaks she posted on facebook and another on instagram are blowing my mind! We haven’t done any profesh photos since our wedding. We had a photographer for Gabe’s baptism, but it was mostly so no one had to worry about carrying around cameras. I specifically wanted these photos because I wanted to mark this time between 1 and 2 children. I wanted there to be a lovely timestamp moment of what it was like the spring before Fae arrived, when it was just the three of us and I happened to be very pregnant. I have always really adored professional family photos. Even the cheesy ones from the 90s, even the shoulder pads of the 80s, and especially seeing all of the hair-do changes. I love that there is a record of moments hanging in my grandmothers’ homes, of weddings, and births, and christmases. We have a lot of photos up on our walls, but I’m holding out for when we get an actual house (someday… someday…) and have a spot for the big group wedding photos with all of the generations present, the iconic baptism photos, a favorite from our engagement shoot, and now one of the incredibly beautiful family photos that Rachelle took. I’ll be posting some of my favorites once they arrive!

I am still hurting due to pregnancy. Walking is hard, I just ache all of the time in my lower back and hips. I successfully went to 2 physical therapy appointments and then canceled them after that. I am constantly going to the doctor now that I am late in this pregnancy and omg, physical therapy once a week was becoming too much. Too much to juggle with one car and getting everyone where they needed to be on time. I’ve got some exercises to do and they actually do help things (when I do them, ahem) and I know that once I stop being pregnant this discomfort will ease up and then go away. FOREVER. (Please let that be true.)

I’m really looking forward to the time when I can talk about other things beside pregnancy. Like adventures and having 2 kids and living my life beyond this one aspect of it. Six more weeks to go.

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  1. I really don’t understand where May went. My brain can’t wrap around it.

    Resting / saving / planning years always feel like such a slog, yet they zoom by so fast.

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