You guys.

It is hot. I am hot. I am bloated and hot and melting – no I’m not melting, I’m WORSE, I am puffying up! Puffing up everywhere! my fingers and toes and knees! MY KNEES ARE SWELLING OMG did you even know that could happen to a person?

But guess what! We finished the nursery nook last Friday. Even untangling the mobile. There are sea horses, they have curly tales, they don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves. Once we get our little night time changing station all set, it will be reveal-palooza!

We went to a splash park yesterday. Here is a photo of my child not splashing because water shooting out of the ground is scary?


I was very excited to go because I figured seeing my kid running around in water might cool me off by osmosis? One of us needed to experience some relief. Might as well be the tiniest among us. But very little splashing occurred. A lot of walking and running in circles, which seems very counter productive to the cooling off goal we had in mind.

I want to say that a perk of the heat is the epic nap times that are bestowed upon us by the white noise machine that is a fan and heat exhaustion. But it mostly makes me feel trapped in our dark cave of an apartment (for the love of god DO NOT OPEN THE BLINDS and let the evil sunlight IN!!), bored and moaning about being hot and bored and bored and hot and when will the baby wake up so we can do something?! What do i want to do? Nothing! It’s too hot!!

My world is a fun house of emotions and needs.

How was your weekend? I had a raspberry/lemon/strawberry Popsicle and it made my LIFE whole. Did you get to have any moments like that? I really hope you did.

8 thoughts on “Puff”

  1. Ugh, I can’t imagine! I am hoping for a normal British summer rather than the weeks of sun and heat we’ve had the last two years (very selfish of me). Highlight of the weekend for me was a rhubarb and orange cobbler requested by me and made by the husband – satisfied a craving.

  2. How anyone lives without central air is beyond me. No matter your geography. Unless you’re in Alaska or northern Canada, it’s just inhumane. So, I feel for you and I am so sorrry!!

    We painted a wall in our dining room/kitchen area a burnt orange/red (Cajun Red, officially), and we love it. And a wall in our living room a deep blue w/ tinges of green (Blueprint, officially), and we love it except that it clashes a bit with the couch. But walking into a house with color was my popsicle-like moment. Oh, and when we had friends over to bbq and use the (apartment complex’s) pool on Sunday night and it was just. so. summer. 🙂

      1. And we’re renters!! When we were touring, they offhandedly said, and you can paint, and we looked at each other like THIS IS THE PLACE!!

  3. I flew to Boston and back this weekend and woof. It was only a 2 hour flight but between standing around, shuttles, waiting for luggage, waiting to be picked up and driven around by family members, it took a lot more out of 30 week pregnant me than I thought it would. So my popsicle moment was coming home last night and crawling into my own glooooorious bed with my amazing comforter. I never wanted to leave!!

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