Before We Become Four

Kamel and I haven’t had any professional photos taken since our wedding! We did have a photographer for Gabe’s Baptism, but that was so no one had to worry about bringing cameras or not being in a photo. I really wanted to have a professional snapshot of what our family was before we became four.

We are lucky to know several photographers and Rachelle Rawlings out of Houston has been a friend for years. I first met her when she was on her honeymoon in San Francisco. We met at a bar with a back patio that included heated lamps (because San Francisco) and strings of lights. Kamel forgot his ID and I was SO ANNOYED WITH HIM, so we went in and chatted and hung out while Kamel scrambled back and forth on an ID hunt.

She was also a great host when I was on a work trip in Houston a month before I got pregnant with Gabe. The internet is a strange place, and I’m so glad it’s just strange enough to create real life friends.

So I was so happy that she agreed to make the trip to Seattle to both hang out with me exploring the city and also to take our Family/Maternity Photos.

I was really nervous that WE wouldn’t do a good job being photographed but I knew that as far as thoughtfulness and respecting the craft of photography we were in excellent hands with Rachelle.

Her colors are so true and she really works at getting the light just right. Her wedding photography is stunning and she works hard at capturing the best moments, not just taking a ton of photos and hoping it all works out.

Rachelle looks for the realness and authenticity to happen, and then when she sees it you get moments like this.

And this…

And this…

Thank you Rachelle!! You gave us beautiful images of exactly who we are right now to keep and think on forever.

Family photos – one of the best investments!

11 thoughts on “Before We Become Four”

  1. I’m so impressed at how well these capture Seattle in the summer (even if it was technically spring). That warm glow…

    PS – you guys are adorable and make family-ing look good.

  2. I love the one where Gabe is flying and you and him are both looking over out of shot. Perfect. They are all awesome!!

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