Real Life: Dinner

I get pretty stoked whenever we have a successful sit down dinner experience with Gabe. Successful being he eats food and sits with us longer than 2 seconds before declaring “ALL DONE!” He isn’t a big dinner kid, I think he eats his biggest meal at lunch. Which makes it a little tricky when Kamel and I need to sit down and eat and Gabe is all “No, PLAY mama! Over ‘DER!” and I’m like, bitch I’m hungry.

Anyway, the other day we had SUCCESS. And we were trying to get Gabe to say – on camera – “basgetti” as all tiny humans do, because who teaches them that? No one. It just happens from the mouths of babes. And it feels like such a milestone when they say something so cliche. Like “Aminals” or “shit” (we can all blame Kamel for that one).

So enjoy! A little taste into real life dinners at chef Duprez.

(Also enjoy “Medicine Go Down” from Mary Poppins, Gabe Style.)

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