Maris Turns 30

The milestones, they just keep coming. Of course, we all look exactly like we did 10, 15 years ago, because duh. And really all this means is that we’re now both that much wiser. Right?

The girls summer! 04 039

(Sorry for the terrible quality, I think this was for one of the joint 19th birthday celebrations ELEVEN YEARS AGO what is happening to this world?!)

Maris is one of those people who I would not be me without. I literally talk to her almost every day. She is definitely one of the most driven, and smartest people I know. She is worldly, well traveled, and is a wealth of secret nerd information.


Ever since Scripture class when we were 15 you have been surprising me with your complexity. Your love of peanut butter pickle sandwiches, your perpetually injured hands from some cooking experiment or failed failed failed DIY project. And let’s not forget our mad-dash race to Best Buy while Kamel drove like a sad sad old lady in order to get me hooked up with World of Warcraft.


If I need a snacking buddy, I go to you. If I need shopping advice, I go to you. Social what-the-fuckery, I go to you. When I needed a buddy to drive with me to San Francisco – a place I had never been and was moving to – you piled in the car. We slept on the FLOOR of my future apartment, which would later be infested with mice! WITH MICE. But hey, sleeping bags and a shared foam mattress cover, paired with sweet sweet ignorance. That’s what best friends are for.

Maris is 21 006

(Maris’s 21st Birthday!)

We’ve been there for every major milestone. All the big birthdays. All the big sads. All the big happies. The big fights, the make ups. If I need someone to stare daggers on my behalf, I know who to call.

Girls Night! 07 034

Happy 30th Birthday Maris!!!! The next year, the next 5, the next 10 – it’s going to be a great adventure.




2 thoughts on “Maris Turns 30”

  1. well, this is officially the best thing ever. thank you for spreading my awkward nerdiness around the internet ๐Ÿ™‚ I will never ever forget us shrieking at Kamel to DRIVE FASTER OHMYGOD THE LIGHT IS TURNING YELLOW because… when you need to sit side by side playing a computer game, you just need to. ahhhh memories.

  2. It’s dolores!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay for old photos (and facebook albums) that bring back so many memories!!
    That joint bday part at Seward Park – best sunlight and best poses ever!

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