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I am really tired and I am really sore. I have no entered the third trimester of pregnancy and I am slow and big and have throbbing pain down my left side and everything is hard and the worst. I am very tired because I keep waking up at 5am. It hurts to flip over, I have to pee, there is nature or homeless people being loud out side – there is always something. I am still trying not to throw up. That’s depressing news. In non-depressing (sort of non-depressing because it is mostly a relief but financially depressing news) next Thursday is my last day at work. And then on to new horizons/unemployment/writing a book and having a baby/the great unknown. I am relieved to wear sweats more often and have to worry about the “proper shoes for office life” a lot less.

April 20th was my final day in my completely silly and self imposed Seattle Weather Tally! Overall I counted for 186 days. Below are my findings.


So for anyone who complains about the Seattle weather – yes the days get shorter, yes we have greyness, yes winter happens. But we also have a lot of opportunities to go outside during the day, the clouds part and the sun emerges.*

Being a contract worker with no access to any of the perks of being actually hired (like the company discount, or parking, or vacation time, or sick leave, or paid federal holidays!) has made me very entitled about the small things. Like not putting my used cups in the dishwasher. Someone who gets paid more than me can take care of that. Or feeling bad for wasting tea or Swiss Miss packets. I HAVE NO GUILT OR SHAME! Or using extra company kleenex. Yeah, that’s right. I’m gonna use up this box and another and another. Whattya gonna do about it? Small victories against The Man.

I am finally, after many many months getting new glasses with an updated prescription. I’m really excited about it. I tried on a bunch via Warby Parker and then sort of liked some, sort of didn’t. So it took me a long time to decide and then once I did decide it took me a long time to order. Why is pulling the trigger on things like this take me so long? Hi, I need new glasses… but let’s think on it for a YEAR shall we? Don’t want to rush into improved eyesight and updated fashion!

Today is Earth Day! And all of my fears about climate change are becoming ever more pressing. But today I’ll leave you with this: Bottled water is not just about generating a shit ton of waste, it’s about WATER DISPLACEMENT. And if you would like to do 1 easy thing that could make a big impact: Stop buying Arrowhead brand bottled water immediately, or any other Nestle product. 


*The talling rules: To be partly cloudy the sun had to be around by 1pm that day. It had to be enough break in the clouds for normal working folk to be able to enjoy a bit of nice weather on their lunch breaks. 4pm sunbreaks doesn’t do anybody any good.

4 thoughts on “Things, April”

  1. Yeah for sweats! When I complained about my pants getting too tight my boss told me she doesn’t care if I wear sweat pants as long as I just come in and work. Win; although I can’t actually bring myself to wear sweats to work. Perhaps in 3.5 months when I’m hugely uncomfortable.

  2. Cracking up at the “nature or homeless people being loud outside.” I’m waiting for my porchlight bird family to begin making a shit-ton of noise or fly in the house.

    Contract jobs are the worst, so way to go for sticking it to The Man. I don’t understand why we have to have such crappy situations for our workforce (especially moms!). Let’s just try to give everyone a decent job with a decent salary, a few vacation/sick days, and time off for new parents. Let’s try to lead the world in taking care of our people.

    RePlay is one of my favorite brands. Elliott uses their plates and utensils. All of their products are manufactured from recycled milk jugs (!). We have a few toys made from recycled objects and I love them. I also try to just buy a lot of used stuff for Elliott because babies cycle through toys really quickly. I just don’t want the world to crash down around my kids or grandkids.

  3. This totally does not even make sense, but it’s been really bugging me today that everyone is all YAY EARTH DAY when I know that the other 364 days of the year, a lot of those people could not care less about the planet. It worries me greatly. I know it’s good that people are made conscious of it even if it’s just for a day, but still. I just finished reading The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert, and it was excellent and everyone should read it because it was fascinating, but it seems like the second I finished it, the rest of the world was like AAAAH CLIMATE CHANGE, and I’m like … you’re just figuring this out?! UGH.

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