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I am still being extra productive on writing and it has me all excited and frothy about words on the page, about story, about craft. Lots of nerdy nerdy writing excitement is happening in the secret parts of my head. The quiet moments are filled with more action and less doubt, more forgiveness if I need to stop writing for the day, or skip a day, or even two, than guilt and shame and self-flogging. I think this is the most I’ve written on any 1 subject since grad school. This feels new and different and good. Now if only I’ll be able to finish a complete first draft before this next baby comes.

Next week we are going to Miami to visit family! This weekend I am prepping with my first pedicure in months and months, ever since I stopped painting my toes for the winter to hopefully assist with my chronic broken toenails. Which sounds grosser than it was, I swear. All winter my tootsies have been break-free and hopefully the renewed oxygen has been useful. Seasonal color for the win. I’m very excited for warm temps, some vitamin D, and possibly going on an air boat in the everglades! I am not so much looking forward to maternity swim wear, my dimpled and beluga white thighs, or our layover in LA. Posting might be a little light next week, but I’m bringing my computer so hopefully I’ll have some thinking time.


Spring came way early in Seattle. Most people are thrilled, but I can’t stop thinking about global warming. And how there is no snow pack. And how the seasons are all fucked up. And how we aren’t doing enough and even my small conservation efforts will never be enough. And the smog in Beijing, and the massive massive drought in California. And water supplies. And what will my children’s lives be like when they are adults? And how basically the movie premise of Interstellar is going to come true. Or maybe The Road. Neither of those options is very good. But at least there are cherry blossoms?

This weekend we are moving our bedroom furniture around to give us more space and make room for a minicrib. The same minicrib that Gabe had when he was born. Once I finalize our bedroom/nursery, maybe get a mobile, clear off some surfaces, I’ll give you all a photo tour. Our bedroom is not awesome. I wanted to get a bed for Christmas but instead we didn’t get anything and tried to continue to put away for a down payment on a house. My “Stand in” night stand from target is still going strong a year later. And we have not done a good job of getting art or any meaningful photos on the walls. It’s basically the place we put things we don’t want the baby to get into, but even that is a flawed system now that Gabe can open doors. Sigh a thousand sighs. But hopefully this weekend we will make some headway.

Now that Gabe’s birthday has come and gone, now that I’ve mostly figured out what I’m doing for my birthday in April, now that I have nailed down (generally) the events for Maris’s 30th celebration in May, I have run out of parties to plan! We’re not doing a baby shower because I’m very twitchy about people buying me things that I can buy myself and having a party that focuses mostly on the giving a gifts is just not my thing. I did it once for my wedding shower, I’m good for a lifetime. Although Christmases and Birthdays are still my jam and mucho presents welcome at those. I’m not a monster. I’m also making myself wait at least a month or two before fully diving into planning Claire’s 30th in June. Mostly to spare the other participants my over zealousness. You are welcome.

What’s going on in your worlds? Update me on the happs!

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  1. I’m equal parts seriously enjoying our early spring and it’s sunshine and deeply terrified we’re all going to die because humans are killing the planet.

  2. I understand what you mean about the weather… our winter here was terrible terrible terrible last year and I’ve been so relieved it has been relatively mild this year, even though it means Bad Things.

    We just celebrated Lindi’s 30th and it was so fun, and then saw our best friend who lives in Boston now for HER 30th last week when we went to NYC. It was fantastic! (We made our friend a cake in the shape of a volcano and put plastic dinosaurs on it and crafted a giant banner that said ‘You are dino-mite’– ha!) I’m glad you get to plan so many fun celebrations. 🙂

    I hope you have an amazing trip!

  3. “I am still being extra productive on writing and it has me all excited and frothy about words on the page, about story, about craft.”

    YESSSSSSS. So eager to see pages! And so excited for you to be in town and have writerly chats. I really got to put in some time in the next few weeks to make sure I have something decent to hand you.

  4. Well while you all are having an early spring, I’m waiting for the remainder of the 4 feet of snow to melt. It was near 50 degrees the other day…and then it was back in the 20’s last night. It’s like spring is just teasing us with the hint of warmth, and then pulling it back so quickly that we aren’t really even sure if it happened at all. I even had the windows in my house open! It was lovely! But, yea. It was nice that day that it lasted.

    I’m going to a new gym tomorrow for my first ever Strong (Wo)Man class! I have entered as a novice in a strong woman competition in April, so besides my normal workouts I will be doing strong man workouts on Saturdays. I am beyond excited. I am so ready to lift alllllllll the heavy things with my body. Up until last week Saturday was my deadlift day, and that always made me happy. Now it’ll be strong woman Saturday, which may just make me happier. But the burger and fries that I eat afterwards mayyyy just make me the happiest of all 🙂

  5. Our summer has been super dry here, we are on serious water restrictions, even though there is a tropical cyclone about to drop a bomb over half the country.
    Uni started last week, and between that, travel, husbands work, LJs birthday and general life stuff, its hectic. And slightly insane. No photography happening here, thats for sure.

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