Small Joys and Happies

Reeses Easter Eggs.

Having the bathroom to my self at work.

Gabe singing, “Maria. Makes me. Laugh. Hahaha.”

The way Gabe asks for “chochos” and being excited when a cookie has sprinkles.

Full panel maternity pants.


Approaching 10,000 words on my book. 10,000 is just the start, but it will be a good day when I get there.

Feeling accomplished.

Finally checking some items off of my to-do list for baby #2.

Upcoming solo trips for my writerly well being.

Singing to Gabe while I wash his hair and having him not cry.

That this weekend is Gabe’s first hip hop dance class!

Hot chocolate.

Consistent baby movement.

Our growing House Savings.

Starting to wear dresses to work.

Soft maternity leggings.

When Kamel washes my feet before bed. (Small pregnant joys.)

Buying presents for friends and finding the perfect just-because card.

Finally solidifying plans for family portraits in May!

30 soon.

12 thoughts on “Small Joys and Happies”

  1. This is such a lovely list. =)

    And wait – BABY HIP HOP CLASS?! Please tell me there will be videos!

    My own small joys right now … off the top of my head: tea before bed. Being in smooth sheets again, after a winter of flannel. Reorganizing my desk and being able to see all my happy little trinkets easier. Finding presents for the kids in my life (dino tees! seahorse onesies!) because I can. Starting to think about the seeds of a long plot re: my best and Paris. =)

    1. I’m going to “play it cool” for the first one and see what the “overzealous mom vibe” is and then at least get some photos going for next week. <3 Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. I like your list! Mine are:

    Three day weekend, this weekend!
    Related: Brunch!
    AWP and getting some writerly time.
    Finally re-gaining a bit of morning light. (I’m so bitter about stupid daylight savings.)
    Not hating my quote-unquote-novel, even though every time I open the file I think, “This is such a mess, it’s terrible, what am I doing?” (Because I also think, “This is ambitious and maybe someday awesome.”)

  3. Oh my goodness — toddler hip hop class, be still my heart!

    Here’s my list!

    Hot microwaveable popcorn that I could eat for days.

    Reaching 20 weeks tomorrow!! Halfway!!

    The ultrasound pictures on my fridge, seeing baby toes and baby nose every time I walk through my kitchen.

    Bob made me laugh so hard last night I had to go into another room and cool off.

    I always love these posts Lauren, sometimes it’s good to be forced to stop dwelling on all the difficult and think about what my list is!!

  4. I love these good things lists!

    My dogs getting groomed, and the groomer putting Easter bandannas on them.

    Meeting with our priest yesterday and stepping up to help with stuff in the church soon.

    Working HARD on working out and definitely feeling the soreness from that.

    Weather being nice lately.

    Getting my sorry bum up to try November Project – Baltimore tomorrow morning. Hoping I don’t die!

  5. Here to do my list! For awhile, your blog was blocked (compatibility issues, me thinks) on my work computer but I foud a loophole that I hope sticks! 🙂
    -getting my office set up little by little: flowers, tea, flitter duct tape bulletin board frame, my favorite lotion, cow mug for pens, and honey lip blam – self care! Makes me so happy!
    -cadbury mini egs
    -reaching over to lock feet with L at the same time he does the same
    -doing some effective self-talk analysis & thought replacement with a client at work
    -the good sore from the gym
    -lemon ginger prbiotic tea
    -random mid week day of
    -new sunglasses that are surprisingly getting lots of use lately
    -video compilation of dogs and cats falling asleep while standing (what is wrong with me, it’s so cute!)

  6. Gabe + hip hop class = many many heart eyed emojis

    My list:

    -fully enjoying this small space of time where we have actual spring weather before it suddenly becomes a gazillion degrees of hot, which includes leaving the front door open to let in the breeze from the screen, swinging on my porch swing, taking walks and enjoying all the pretty flowers and trees in bloom.

    -treating myself to Sprinkles cupcakes on Sunday afternoon

    -feeling utterly peaceful and full of contentment for no reason at all

    -waking up without an alarm, having coffee in bed, journaling-these slow mornings feel like such a gift and i am savoring them

    -getting my home in order through rearranging, reorganizing, cleaning and purging. surrounding myself with only things that light me up one hundred percent with joy

  7. Rocking out to Wilco all afternoon to celebrate the announcement that they are cancelling a show in Indianapolis to protest the passage of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Artists for justice!

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