Thursday morning came and we did not get on a plane. The luggage was still half packed on my bedroom floor. Alllllllllll of my warm weather outfits went untouched. My bathing suit still has the tags on and will probably be returned.

Instead of putting the final touches on our trip prep on Wednesday night, I watched Gabe throw up all over himself and our couch. Then throw up all over our bath tub and our bathroom floor and walls. And then Kamel and I spent the next two hours alternating between holding him, doing loads and loads of vomit laundry, wiping up floors and upholstery, while also canceling flights, haggling refunds, canceling hotels, the rental car, and on and on.

We spent Thursday and Friday cleaning up our vomit covered house, running Gabe to the doctor, dealing with toddler diarrhea and the smells, my god the smells, checking fevers, administering Tylenol, and praying we wouldn’t get it. The upholstery was disinfected by professionals, the bathroom rug and towels and pillow cases were all washed three times. It took me 3 days to fully unpack us all, to unpack the luggage that had gone nowhere. And we all went back to work on Monday.

Because sometimes, on the eve before a big trip, the longest trip to anywhere we have booked since our honeymoon, where we’ve made plans to take an air-boat through the everglades, to spend afternoons on the beach with family, etc… etc. Sometimes the night before all of that your kid throws up all over your house and you have to play the parent card.

Sometimes kids ruin everything.

Sometimes being an adult means NOT sucking it up and throwing everyone in the car at 445am the next day and forcing a 6 hour flight from hell. Sometimes it means saying no and making good choices for other people even though it means your big floppy sun hat will probably stay in the closet for another year.

Sometimes it’s all in the timing.

And thank god it didn’t happen on the plane. Because toddlers give you no warning. They just projectile vomit like a fire hose. In his eyes, in his ears, down his shirt, in his shoes. Thank god it didn’t happen 12 hours later.

But it means we’re not in Miami. We’re not seeing family. My weekend and the two days off I kept were spent problem solving and pushing fluids and washing my hands and moping around the apartment.

And Gabe was sick and now he’s better and we’re still here when we should be there. And that’s just what happens sometimes. That is parenthood.

8 thoughts on “Parenthood”

  1. Sometimes adulthood sucks. And sometimes I find it a comfort to just say that. Stomach bugs are just the worst. Glad he’s doing better (and that you guys, knock on wood, didn’t get it).

  2. I am in denial about the fact that this will one day happen to me. Penny has not yet had a stomach bug, but obviously that will change. Except it won’t. Because I am in denial. Tra la la.

    I’m so sorry you had to cancel your vacation.

    1. I think the likelihood of the perfect storm happening where your kid gets vomit-sick the day before a big trip is rare. It took Gabe a long time to get a stomach virus, he was definitely older than 1 the first time and it wasn’t so bad … for HIM. For us, killer. This time around it was way more traumatic for him. :/

  3. That. REALLY. Sucks. How dissapointing. Even if I had made the same mature parent decision, I would not be as mature about it in writing. Job well done.

  4. Oh no! I was meant to fly with LJ to see family on the weekend, meeting Husband in the city his family are based in, after he spent a week overseas with work.
    Instead, I got a wicked sinus infection on Thursday, and then collapsed from a diaphragm spasm on Friday night – 8 hours before we were due to fly.
    Needless to say, LJ and I went nowhere, and I had an extra two days at home with no husband. Thankfully no vomit, but also no travel!

  5. Oh brutal! That really does suck. I think I need to go thank Nana for watching our son so he doesn’t have to go to daycare where he would pick up those nasty bugs and also what I like to call “daycare nose”. Again, brutal.

  6. Gah, I heard on Twitter but .. that was bad. I feel for all of you. I still remember being that sick kid and how hard it was on my parents, and how miserable I was being that fire hose of sick. I’m so glad it didn’t hit on your trip though <3

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