Heat + Being Egg Shaped


I had an idea to post about what I’m planning on bringing to our 7 day trip to Miami as a 5+ months pregnant lady with a 6+ month-size bump. But then I realized: I kind of don’t know what I’m doing? So maybe I’ll try some things out and report back.

Heat makes me anxious. It means less clothing and less opportunities to layer. I prefer hiding under cardigans and jackets and you’re never going to see me in a non-workout-T without a tank under it. Being pregnant in heat, with the beautiful and the tan all around me, makes me even more anxious. I prefer to feel like hot shit. I mean, in my perfect world I would have the confidence of a supermodel 24/7. In my reality of realities, I’m more like a quiet book nerd who would be totally ok with blending in to the surroundings. My inner outer self would prefer to be unremarked upon, thank you very much.

But! But but but BUTT! I also want to swim and play and not feel absolutely oppressed by pants. I want to participate! And that means a maternity bathing suit. That means maxi dresses and skirts and sunscreen and my trusted giant hat that I told Kamel I was bringing again and he groaned and looked at me like, “REALLY, LAUREN? ON A PLANE? AGAIN?” Yes really. I am fair and I intend to stay that way.

So, so far my only tip for tackling the seasons: Buy cheap when you can. Target is my savior. The bathing suit above is from there. I briefly considered a Nordstrom suit and then was like… fuck that $$. I’m just OVER paying full price for seasonal things (weather wise or body type wise in this case) that will serve its purpose and then die a slow death in the back of my drawers.

Being large and oddly shaped has it’s own struggles in regards to comfort AND feeling pulled together. Plus heat and I’m already sweating just thinking about it. So I’m going to try some tricks, I’m going to take some photos, and then if you’re ever pregnant in the heat of summer, plan a babymoon, or what have you, I might have some useful tips and tricks for you on the flip side. I hope so, anyways.

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  1. Totally unrelated to anything in this post but this (truly lovely) photo of you made me realize that you and Gabe have the same lips! Genes are just the coolest and the weirdest.

    1. My toenails are currently a light purple! And birthday plans are right now pretty low key. A surprise from my friends and dinner out with my parents next month. <3

  2. I hate hate hate being hot, and the original plan (scoff) for this pregnancy was to get pregnant in August so I would be pregnant in the cold. Then the fates laughed and now I am due IN August, the hottest part of the year!! So I am looking forward to any tips or tricks you may have, because I forsee myself being a giant sweaty miserable mess.

    1. Due in July. We are investing in a portable air conditioner robot thing! I CAN’T TAKE ANOTHER STUFFY SUMMER AHHH. Sweating from every crease!

      1. I was JUST wondering how you do it with no air conditioning!! Nope nope nope. Plus if the huge hat in question is the one in your comment person picture it’s gorgeous!

  3. That swimsuit is the bomb and you look amazing in it.

    I used pregnancy as an opportunity to wear a bikini for the first (and only) time in my life and spent a lot of time wallowing at our local pool in the last few weeks before Dear Boy was born. It scared some locals, sure, but mostly because they were worried I’d spontaneously combust or something.

    1. HAHAHA!!! With Gabe my last place of employment joked at plastic-wrapping my chair so I wouldn’t break my water on it. :/

      I would totally rock a bikini if I was more “all bump” but I am more “pregnant everywhere” and little bathing suit briefs really cut into my hips! The perks of this 1 piece – it covers so much area that I barely need to shave! hahahaha.

  4. That is a rockin suit! Good luck on your adventures in hot-land. As a Georgia resident, I feel you on the “but what do I wear in the heat to feel cool enough and comfortable and confident all at the same time?” which is an ongoing learning process for me. Bon voyage!

  5. Extreme heat is one of the banes of my existence living in the south. I don’t know how the pregnant ladies do it. Heat suuuucks.

    However! You look absolutely lovely. You’re rocking that maternity suit. I have no doubt you will show Miami where it’s at and return with a plethora of newly acquired tips and tricks for dealing with the heat. And I look forward to this too because I have none. (I probably should have some other, but all I have is endless whinging).

  6. I so hear you Lauren. 5 months but looking 6. Cardigans as far as the eye can see. I even do a scarf in an attempt to cover up more and unsuccessfully draw people’s eyes up. I am dreading the warm weather. Super annoying how all maternity tops have cap sleeves. Um, my upper arms need maximum coverage. Good luck in Florida. You are braver than I would be.

    1. UPPER ARMS you are speaking my language!!! Target has some really thin open cardigans out now. I bought two. They are my saviors. Will report back on how things go in the wild.

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