Gabe Turns 2

Here we are again! This last Sunday Gabe went from 1 to 2. There were balloon hats and cake and lots of silliness.

We create videos for all of the big adventures in our family, kid’s birthdays included. If you’d like to see Gabe’s first year you can check that out! But now, for year #2! (Go Gabe Go!)

14 thoughts on “Gabe Turns 2”

  1. There is a lot of fun in this video, Love it!!! The music is precious, the parents and my grand-nephew are amazing!!! Love uu guys!!

  2. Oh my that Frozen montage is amazing. When he ever slams his little foot down after running back to the living room… I melted. So much sweetness in the whole video!! HBD Gabriel!!

  3. Oh man Lauren, I just got a chance to watch the video and I just want to say, I’m excited about having a baby but Gabe and you guys make me so so excited about having a KID!!!!

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