Love is…

A few weeks ago you coughed directly in my face and it woke me out of a dead sleep. A blast of warm-ish air and little flecks of moisture. I reflexively shoved the offending air blower away from me with outstretched arms. You slept through it mostly and just grumbled a bit as you rolled away from me.

I hate it when you touch my feet with your feet, especially in bed. “Feet on feet!” I say. Feet on feet is a big no. You have this way of gently stabbing me with your toe nails on the soft underbelly of my arch. It is horrible. You think it is delightful.

Sometimes when I’m peeking at something in the oven and you’re standing at the sink we bump butts. There is not enough room in our galley kitchen for the whole family at once. I don’t mind.

There are times when your hair is really out of control and I hate it. When I tell you this in an annoyed way and you fluff it up even bigger and then make bird noises while doing a chicken head bob and pretend to be engaging in some sort of mating dance it makes me love you beyond human capabilities.

You don’t embarrass easily which is really great, but when you do you say, “Oh no! I’m embarrassed! I’m embarrassed!” like the only way you know how to express it is by sounding the alarm. I find this hilarious and almost 100% of the time the things you find embarrassing are the greatest most sincere parts of you. Well, sometimes they are when you fuck up, so I guess there is that. But at least your reaction is heartfelt!

For the entire time I’ve known you, you have never understood how to successfully put on your own coat. One time I prevented you from walking out the door with 1 kind of plaid button down and a different kind of plaid pair of shorts. And then there was that time that you walked around all day with a sock attached to the velcro of your rain coat. Life is better with a buddy.

Love is helping me to the bathroom in the middle of the night and standing next to me in the dark so that I can lean on your leg while I pee with my eyes closed and then shuffling me back to bed.

Love is waiting for me while I was a half an hour late from living work when I told you I could leave 15 minutes’ early when I got stuck in a meeting without my cell phone and then not even being mad about it.

Love is giving me the window seat on every flight even though being in an airplane is your favorite thing ever.

Love is letting me write about you on the internet in the most honest way possible and sometimes making you look like the bad guy (Which sometimes is who you are) but mostly just letting me share our life with the world and never questioning it and allowing me to be exactly who I am every single day.

Happy Valentines Day.

6 thoughts on “Love is…”

  1. Gah!! I love this sooo much! And i love and miss you guys, dearly. Happy Valentine’s Day, DuPrez Family! Xoxo! And P.S…the toenails on the arch!! GAH! Drives me BONKERS!!!

  2. PATAS!!! I love patas, but maybe only because they’re Regi’s patas and she’s a girl and they’re soft 😀

    Love is…when your differences make no difference. Love you Lauren!

    PS…I think this is my first comment EVER ::screenshot:: hahahaha

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