How I Love ME

This weekend there was a lot of love in the air. How much do I love my son? Enough to not stick my tongue out at him as he is telling me “No sing, mama!” I CAN SING IF I WANT SMALL HUMAN!

I spend a lot of time fretting over how I’m loving others. (Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I am pre-tty giving you guys.) I want my kid to know I love him, that he is safe, that I am proud of him. I want my friends to know that I have them as major priorities. I want my husband to know I appreciate all the things he does. I want to make time for my family. I don’t want to forget birthdays, I want people to know they are on my mind. But so often that creates a go go go where we forget the ourselves.

How do you love yourself? What are your favorite things about you?

I love my hair, even though I’m mad at it right now. In the end, it always has my best intentions at heart.

I think I can tell a pretty fantastic story.


I love my cheekbones, which I got from my mother and my mother’s mother (who has a birthday… Today!).

I love and am proud of myself for making fairly smart life choices.

Pat on the back for being willing to do things that are scary. You rock, me.

I love that I love my music loud and my windows down.

I make really good roasted veggies, muffins, pizzas, scrambled eggs, beet salad, and cupcakes (Which are like muffins except…. with cream cheese frosting?).

Your turn!

12 thoughts on “How I Love ME”

  1. I love cooking… smelling, tasting… drinking…. more if I have music playing along

    I love my hair do… even on bad hair days

    i love my eyes…. I really like my color.

    thank you for choosing this theme… it is always nice to think about something we love about ourselves…


  2. I too love my eye color – hazel eyes FTW.

    I love my body. It could be stronger and fitter and thinner… but there are times when I go for a walk and just think how lucky I am to have a body that can move me.

    I’m a damn good baker. My creations won’t win any beauty contests, but they’re tasty.

    I love that I took the time to learn about finances and can now rock a daily household budget.

  3. I love my hair. I also like my eyes. These are my best features and playing them up makes me feel like I can conquer anything.

    I love that I can be really afraid of something but I fucking do it anyway. I know how to take calculated risks.

    I love that I’ve finally figured out to be vulnerable and not be embarrassed by myself.

    I love that I can do things by myself whether it’s traveling, dining solo, attending an event or meetup. I am comfortable in my own company and have no problem interacting with strangers on said excursions. (For example, today I asked this guy sitting alone if I could join his table)

    I love that I have also figured out how to self-care.

  4. I love my height. I love that it makes me feel strong and helps me know that my body can do a lot. I also really really love when people stare when my family walks into a room. Especially when its the epicly dressed up tall Jesse ladies.
    I love that I take care of myself, in diverse ways beyond laying in bed watching TV, like baths, a trainer, shaving, reading more books, eating right.
    I love that I always give L the benefit of the doubt, and that it is easy to do so. And that my love gets bigger all the time.
    I love that I am dependable and loyal.
    I love that I am doing scary things right and that they feel so so so good.
    I love the weird fun noises I make.
    I love my giant ass eyes.

  5. I love my hazel eyes too (is this a theme here?).

    I love that some part of my kid being awesome is because of me.

    I love that I craft without patterns and plans and create some pretty flipping great things for my friends and family.

    I love my singing voice.

    I love that I was the one who bought the whoopie cushion camping.

    I love that after a massive change of direction with my work to something that’s scary and new, when two different folks swooped in to try and offer me temporary easy options, I stuck with the scary new option.

    I love that I’ve just signed the royalty forms for our book (aaauuugggggghhhhhhhh!!!!) and then in our last meeting with my co-editors, they suggesting pitching the lit review from my PhD thesis so they can use it as a text book for their classes. Palgrave MacMillan UK for Life!

    I love that I love the irony of having an academic book published almost a year after leaving academia.

  6. Yay! I love my body. Stop telling me five ways to look good naked, Cosmo! I’ve already got it down! I’m learning to feel strong and powerful with yoga, too.

    I love my hair. I love that I’ve finally got the courage to let it be wild and crazy. And I love the looks and comments it solicits.

    I love that I’m a great friend, loyal always always always.

    I am totally kicking ass at my new job, and I pinch myself some days. I love that I’m young but fearless at work.

    I love my cooking, even when it kinda bombs.

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